4 Coachella-Ready Outfits

Coachella is this weekend and next weekend and holy do you still have nothing to wear?

We talked about what not to wear and suggested some alternatives, but if you’re in need of a full on outfit, don’t worry because we’ve gotchu. Ahead, we’ve prepackaged four fest-worthy outfits that are are suitable for Indio weather, all sartorially a step ahead of the white-tank-denim-shorts girls. Are you ready to get to packing?

Coachella - Boho Girl

The Boho Girl. Breezy dresses were practically invented for Coachella, but we like this one because it comes in a fun color – so much better than the white ones you’ll see all weekend! Nothing says Coachella like a floral garland…except maybe some floral sunnies!  This outfit was made for the boho bombshell inside of you. Or is that not you? Skip ahead.

Coachella - Easy Tee

The Easy Tee. Are you a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal? We had to make a shorts and tee combo just for you, but instead of keeping pieces plain – hey, this is Coachella!- we dressed the standard tee-shorts look up with fun, fest-inspired details.

Coachella - Rocker Girl
The Rocker Girl. It doesn’t have to be frilly and fringe everywhere  at Coachella – if you’d rather go the rocker girl route, do it! Just be sure to steer clear from too much black on your body so you don’t overheat. We love this outfit because it captures elements of both boho and rock and roll – which is exactly what Coachella is.
Coachella - Trendy Girl
The Trendy Girl. So you’re going to Coachella, but don’t want to leave your  cute and true fashion sense at home?  Inject some neons into your festival look for a fun, fashionable twist. Also, maxi skirts and bralette tops are airy and easy-going – perfect for Coachella.

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