6 Ways to Look Hot Without Trying

We’re big proponents of man-repelling here at Crossroads, from our oversized-sweater-obsessed marketing director to our pattern mixing-crazed social media person (me!). But every once in a while, between the bouts of billowy dresses and the chunky platforms, a lady just wants to feel pretty. At the same time, you don’t want to try too hard because with trying too hard comes effort, and with effort comes lots of hairspray and red bandage dresses – ugh. It’s combination that is necessary for a night out, but shouldn’t be the case when you’re just seeking a little ego stroke,  from yourself and from your man.

So guess what? You don’t have to wear that red bandage dress unless you really want to, because there are ways to be sexy without baring it all. These six key clothing pieces are instantly but subtly sultry, and we dare you not to try them out on a day you just need to give your red Litas a rest. Read on, sister.


1. A loose, low-back shirt. Give sexy a try while giving the cleavage a rest. A loose, low-back shirt exposes some neglected skin and shoulder blades, baring reversely, without the reverse effect.

2. A long, simple pendant. I for one have a thing for statement necklaces, and I have many, many of them. But you know which necklace has become my go-to? A simple pendant necklace, because it goes with anything, from the crazy pattern mixing ensemble I love to the shirt pictured above. The look is sleeker and daintier than a blinged-out choker and makes for just the right accent to any outfit.

3. Dainty nude heels. Nude heels are an investment that all womenkind should consider – the color goes with nearly everything, but it’s also elongating to those stems. In a dainty style, these shoes are barely there and thus utterly sexy. Sleek wedges will achieve the same effect as well, while also  providing a bit more support.

4. A pair of high waist jeans. I know how some people feel about high waist jeans, but I am a big supporter of them and I’ve even showed you how to wear rock them. Hitting the natural waistline, high waist jeans accentuate a woman’s body better than any pair of low-rise baby blues, making the same attractive curve as that red bandage dress, without all the fuss.

5. A boyfriend button-up. Menswear for women is alluring, especially when not overdone. Wear this easy-peasy piece with a pair of denim cutoffs and that simple necklace we talked about earlier. Roll up the the sleeves a little, leave the top button  undone, tuck the side a little  in, and there you have it. Your boyfriend will be jealous. You look better than he does, and for Godsakes you’re wearing his shirt!

6. A slouchy sweater and tank combo. Cover the cleavage and reveal some collarbone and shoulder instead with a slouchy, boat-neck sweater. The resulting look is more oh-how-did-that-happen than a low-cut shirt, but just as attractive.

Images via Gorjana, Macy’s, Bonadrag, Nudie’s Jeans, Equipment, Net-A-Porter

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