6 Ways to Wear a T-Shirt

Diamonds are definitely something to rave about, but we actually think that T-shirts are a girl’s real best friend.

Before you get up in arms, let’s look at tees – they’re always there for you, they’re always comforting (or rather, comfortable), and they’re really the original throw-on piece. Did diamonds ever do that for you? Do you even have any diamonds? Me neither. But the thing about easy tees is that you can easily get into a constant tee-jeans routine, or worse – start sleeping in them until they get too ratty to be seen in public.

So today, we’re going to breath some new life into your T-shirt collection. Ahead, we’ve sourced some stellar street style and blogger snaps to show you 6 other ways you could be wearing your T-shirt. We hope you enjoy it.

leather1. Wear Your Tee with a Leather Bottom. Though it’s recently come into the fashion fold, leather has a bad rep for being something reserved for biker babes or for kinky activities. We’re so glad that isn’t quite the case anymore, but that doesn’t change the fact that leather is still sort of edgy. Wearing your leather shorts or skirt with a simple tee eases up the edge, creating an outfit that’s flattering and fashion forward. palazzo pants 2. Wear Your Tee with Wide Leg Pants. Wide leg pants are pretty much the only way to get away with wearing something as comfortable as pajamas in public. As long as they actually aren’t pajamas, wearing a T-shirt with your trousers is comfortable, airy and light…and it still looks great! Adding a statement necklace prevents the outfit from looking too much like your home clothes, and a pair of heels will help too.statement pants zanita3. Wear Your Tee with Fancy Pants. In recent years, we’ve definitely had to invest in bottom hangers for our closets. Gone are the days of busy shirts and black pants…and we love that! However, if you aren’t ready to take pattern-mixing by full force and don’t want to appear too formal in a trousers-blouse combo, try a simple tee with some stunner pants. The end result is chic, but still seemingly effortless.shiny tshirt4. Wear Your Tee with Metallics. Sequins and metallics instantly say fancy, which is why a lot of people will wear them for formal events or nights out, but leave them be otherwise. Well, tees always say casual, so pairing these two together makes for an unexpected but delightful outfit – and a great way to give your sequins and metallics more of the limelight. Note: Sequins always transfer to day easier in lighter colors, so keep that in mind.
ches5. Wear Your Tee with Printed Jeans. Okay, so I know we said that we’re trying to steer you clear of the tee-jeans combo, but if you’re really into it, consider a pair of printed jeans to go with your tee. They’ll feel the same, but the effect is totally different!poppyadidas6. Wear Your Tee with a Skirt. Pink, bows, skirts, shorts – puttingĀ  a soft blouse next to all of this could go a little over the top on the girly scale. Keep a sweet pink skirt from looking too precious.


Images via Pinterest (broken link back!), Lovely Pepa, Smile for Style, Tumblr, In Search of Sadie, Zanita

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  1. I really liked this post! I feel like I’m constantly buying more tops and I think I need to start cycling around all my pants and skirts! It would awesome to see a post on shoes too – I have such a hard time steering away from boots! :)

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