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Samantha has long been a lover of fashion, art and travel. A chameleon of style, she loves experimenting with color and challenges each day to inspire her next great outfit. Currently, if there is one thing Samantha enjoys more than the art of fashion--it is the art of eating well.

Buy It Now: Plaid & Fringe

With fall upon us, we find ourselves dreaming of pumpkins, warm cups of spiced apple cider and plaid (Oh how I wish everything I owned was plaid. And fringed! Yes, I wish everything I owned was plaid and fringed!) Now you too can adorn yourself in some of our fall favorites with the newest addition to the Crossroads Online Shop: the Plaid Shawl Wrap.

Three-in-one fashion at its best, this jacket, scarf, shawl hybrid offers up a myriad of styling options to your blossoming winter wardrobe.

So go! Pick your pumpkins and stir your cauldron, but make sure to stop into the Crossroads Online Shop to pick up this plaid miracle (for just $37.50), because it won’t be around for long.

Plaid fringe 075Wear it open with black jeans and our Resin Stardust Necklace, $22.50, available in Crossroads stores now!

Plaid fringe 129We love the fringe detail and the option to fold up the sleeves.

Plaid fringe 020Pair it with a maxi skirt and our new Jeweled Fans necklace, also available in stores at $22.50.

???????????????????????????????You can also wrap the front panels around your neck like a scarf!

Plaid fringe 006It looks especially fab with a large waist belt and our Knit Bodycon dress in charcoal, just $27.50 in select locations.

DIY: how to make a blanket cape in 5 easy steps


I just love a good blanket cape. It has it all: the coziness of a blanket, the ability to be worn as a scarf, and (because it has no sizing) the versatility to be thrown over a winter coat for extra protection from the elements.

Last week, while wearing my favorite plaid blanket cape (pictured above), a friend of mine asked where she could find one like it. Well, I thought, since the design is so simple, why not make one? And so was born the Crossroads DIY Studio!


What you will need

a. A blanket or piece of fabric at least 3 feet by 4 feet. The bigger the piece of fabric, the longer or wider your cape will be.

b. Scissors

c. Measuring tape

d. Chalk (not pictured)

e. Needle and thread



1. Fold your blanket in half horizontally.

???????????????????????????????2. Measure the width of your blanket so you can find the middle, then mark with chalk.

???????????????????????????????3. Measure up from the center to 31″ and mark with chalk. My blanket was large, so I decided to cut to 31″, but you may find a shorter cut suits your height or blanket better.

???????????????????????????????4. Cut in a straight line up the center until you hit your 31″ chalk mark.

???????????????????????????????5. Finish the raw edge with a standard blanket stitch. How-to video here.

???????????????????????????????And voila! That’s all there is to it! A super simple way to make a new piece of outerwear out of an old blanket. I like to add a belt for waist definition.

???????????????????????????????Or, you can wrap the two front panels around your neck like a scarf.

???????????????????????????????The finished product is super bright and fun! I just love a good blanket cape and I think this new Southwest blanket version may be my favorite yet.

YouTube video credit: Broadcasting Sunny.

The Baroque Cocoon Cardigan

In fashion life there’s simply nothing better than an oversized blanket sweater. Add an all-over print in black and tan and you’ve got a keeper on your hands. Enter the Baroque Cocoon CardiganThis knee length, oversized knit is part cape/part duster cardigan and it’s available now for just $42.50 in the Crossroads Online Shop. We’re guessing this will be one sweater you’ll put on and have a very hard time taking off.

sweater 020Create the perfect weekend look with a pair of your widest bell-bottoms and our Silver Crescent Southwest Tunic, still available online.

sweater 002-2

Or throw it on over a maxi dress and add a piece from our jewelry selections available in stores.

sweater 049The view from the back isn’t bad either….

sweater 042This sweater has staying power: long after the winter thaw, this will become the perfect sweater for draping over your favorite shorts and crop top.

???????????????????????????????Limited quantities of the Baroque Cocoon Cardigan are available now in the Crossroads Online Shop. Happy sweater shopping everyone!

Get it here first: the Fuchsia Brocade Midi Skirt

Shopping for a new fall wardrobe with Crossroads is always exciting–and this year is no different.  We’ve stocked our shelves–both in stores and online– with premium new arrivals just for you! Our current favorite: the Fuchsia Brocade Midi Skirt

The classic midi skirt is transformed in this version with its bright pop of pink. Plus, just one touch of its luxurious brocade fabric and you’ll have everyone stunned that you scored this statement maker for just $32.50 (You savvy Crossroads shopper, you)! Get ready for your dance card to fill up quickly when wearing this special (and limited!) addition to the Crossroads Online Shop.

Brocade Midi SkirtPair it with our Ultimate Fit Striped Crop Top for these last days of warm weather.  And when the weather turns colder, just add a black blazer or leather jacket.

Brocade Midi Skirt 017Or style it up with our bestselling Cotton-Cashmere Top, still available online! The oversized boxy fit of this cashmere blend sweatshirt flows perfectly over the full-bodied skirt. I added a faux-fur scarf, tan crossbody purse and vintage-inspired sunglasses.

Brocade Midi Skirt 092If you’re feeling daring, add another bright into the mix. I’ve selected this chartreuse knit by Vince Camuto for a color contrast, adding pink sunglasses, black wallet on chain and my favorite peep-toe booties.

Brocade Midi Skirt 081Dressing up the skirt for work or a night out is simple too. Play down the bright fuchsia by adding rich reds or burgundy. You’ll be sure to turn heads no matter how you style it.

Check back weekly to make sure you’re the first to know about special new arrivals to the Crossroads Online Shop.

New in Stores: Bold Print Sweaters

Looking for a bold new way to spice up your fall wardrobe? Jazz up those winter solids with cropped sweaters and feminine dresses in fun bold prints.  All of them featured here are now on the racks of our Crossroads stores.

printed sweaters 007Try our bold printed sweater dress, $35, with its bright diamond print in orange, purple and blue.  We plan to layer it as the weather cools– but no matter what–  it will remain the center of attention. I’ve added a vintage Coach bag and our gold boomerang necklace, $10 (coming soon).

printed sweaters 011We love all types of sweaters, but there’s a new version we hope to see more of this fall: printed & cropped. This one is a bit of a Charlie Brown-inspired zig zag crop sweater, $30, in orange, black and navy. An elongated short sleeve and vintage-look print gives this crop an early 60’s vibe. I’ve added grey denim by BDG and burgundy boots by TBA.

printed sweaters 051We love, love, love this next look featuring our dark woods crop top in neoprene, $26.50. The great thing about a printed crop top is that the print can be bold without being overwhelming. Make sure to keep the rest of the outfit solid, like we’ve done with this circle skirt and black leather bag.

printed sweaters 032

Our updated argyle sweater, $26.50, has a hint of 1950’s fashion . I’ve added herringbone pedal pushers by Zara, black Nine West stilettos and a red Coach bag. It features contrasting black sleeves and a medium weight knit.

All items are available in Crossroads stores now !

5 stylish hats you need now

jaglever6When I think of hats, I think of our very own Crossroads Style Council member, Rachel of Jag Lever. Her hat collection is most certainly a labor of love, and she is a master collector.

Clearly, there is much we can learn from Rachel and her collection, but what’s most important is being inspired get our own hat collection started! Whether you like hunting for vintage hats or buying them new, Crossroads has you covered. Just think of us as your new haberdashery.

Hats 027I love this woven wide brim hat, and I think Rachel would approve too. It comes in burgundy, gray and tan; $18.50.

Hats 003You just can’t go wrong with a classic Panama hat with ribbon trim. Available in tan, black and navy; $25.


Hats 011My favorite piece in this little collection is the riding cap. It features a front brim and adjustable back and is just $22.50. Comes in black, burgundy and navy. It reminds me of one of my favorite blog posts of Rachel’s (pictured above), featuring her twist on a Sherlock Holmes look in snowy Central Park.

Hats 020The multi-color wool bucket (or cloche hat for you ladies) is just the ticket at $17.50. I adore the bright coloring and texture of this hat.

Hats 014Up your beanie game with this floral beanie, just $12.50! Added bonus–it converts into a floral headband if that’s more your style! Rachel upgrades her beanie below by sporting one with a playful print. Take a lesson from her and opt for a floral beanie this season instead of your usual solid one.

beanieFeatured hats are available in stores now. Plus we’re now buying for fall so you’ll be sure to find even more amazing cold weather accessories at any of our 32 Crossroads store locations!

Photos of Rachel are from her blog, Jag Lever.

A Buyer’s View: Behind the scenes at MAGIC

photo 1

There is only one reason to go to Las Vegas in the sweltering heat of August: the trade shows of MAGIC, POOL, PROJECT, etc. With my MAGIC book in hand, I’ll lead you through just some of the styles and looks you can look forward to seeing in a Crossroads store near you this coming season!

photo 4

Loved the decorative visuals as well as the cover art for this year’s MAGIC itinerary and show maps.

photo 1Great winter prints were the star of the show. From dresses to tops, winter prints will be at the top of the list for our must haves this season.

photo 2Sweaters, sweaters and more sweaters! I just loved the juxtaposition of summer hats paired with luxe winter cardigans.

photo 2The distressed boyfriend jean and simple ankle boot will definitely be on our winter staples list.

44To die for jackets and neutrals were found at almost every collection, including one of our favorites: JOA. We still have a few pieces left by JOA in the Crossroads online shop!

photo 4Great statement necklaces and jewelry are a no brainer this coming season.

photo 2Hippie chic? Yes, please! Bell sleeved dresses and maxi skirts continue to be essential for easy dressing in the morning.

jewelry wallCouldn’t resist snapping a pic in front of the never-ending jewelry displays! That’s all from this August’s show…more next time!

Looking forward to doing some serious fall shopping with Crossroads? Check back in weekly to the Crossroads’ blog or our Instagram feed for a sneak peek of what’s new this week! And don’t forget to shop Crossroads online!


Our new favorite: duster length cardigans

When it comes to shopping for fall, our favorite part is buying sweaters. We love thick knits and soft cashmere. We live for comfy pullovers and cotton flyaways–we’re even into mohair! But this season we have a new sweater obsession: duster length cardigans. Take one look at these new floor length sweater/coat hybrids and we’re sure you’ll be swooning too.


You can get our Favorite Duster Cardigan in our online shop! If you’re on the hunt for fall essentials, then look no further. This week’s online collection features leather accents, thick flannels and (of course!) the perfect duster cardigan.

long duster cardigans 004Featuring a light textured fabric in gray, this cardigan is the sweater that will transition you from summer into fall. Looks great over a short or a long dress and is priced at just $37.50. Tip for fall layering: I layer mine over a maxi dress and then add a leather jacket on top!

long duster cardigans 021This thermal knit duster features two front pockets and hits mid-calf. We love the rich burgundy color and the hi-lo hem. I’ve styled it with a burgundy and white striped shift dress by Lumiere and tan open-toed booties. You can find this duster at one of our Crossroads store locations for $27.50.

long duster cardigans 049For a neutral look, go for this oatmeal duster in an open rib knit, $27.50. I finished the look off with printed black denim by Free People, a woven button-down by Bardot and a vintage Coach purse.

long duster cardigans 028A duster sweater, like a kimono, can easily give a boho vibe to any outfit. This gray jersey cardigan pairs effortlessly with bell bottoms, silver stilettos and a paper-thin vintage tee.

Inside the Crossroads Jewelry Vault

silver tones 025Today we’re excited to give you insider access to the Crossroads jewlery vault! Featuring an all-silver cast of bracelets and hand accessories, you’ll be sure to find something that strikes your fancy in this crowd. Plus, even though summer is drawing to a close, you can count on these festival style accessories to continue trending well into the fall months.

silver tones 022Lately, we can’t seem to get enough of silver toned jewelry. So when we saw these hand-made bracelets made with antique silver plated pewter by this season’s hottest jewelry maker, Chanour, we knew we had to have them. Each bracelet is priced at $25, and all 7 styles feature the company’s signature coin pendant on the chain link closure.

silver tones 007We love this bracelet to ring number, featuring a heavily engraved linked bracelet.

silver tones 029Next is this rectangular linked bracelet. We fell for the triangle and floral etchings on each piece of this elongated cuff.

silver tones 030This ring bracelet features hammered ovals shapes and the classic trio of chains linking the two pieces together.

silver tones 032The Hand Mesh Ring Bracelet is available in our online shop! It features a triangular shaped mesh made of silver flowers. Get it now before it’s gone!!

silver tones 034These two styles feature smaller linked crescents and circles.

silver tones 036And last, but not least, is this long bracelet featuring links of silver sticks.

All items shown available at select Crossroads stores.

Shop the Crossroads Blog

You can count on this blog to showcase the latest new clothing pieces headed out to our stores, but today we’re adding a special feature to one of our pieces: you get a buy it now option through the Crossroads Online Shop.  Can you guess what we just had to feature first? It’s this season’s favorite, the jumpsuit, of course.  And this one is our favorite yet…

Shop the Crossroads Blog 006It’s our Python Print Jumpsuit! This semi-sheer snake print number features a gathered tie waist, spaghetti straps and a wide leg. It is fully lined on top and lined with shorts for a semi-sheer look at the legs. It’s perfect for that final summer getaway.

Shop the Crossroads Blog 022And we love the back of this jumpsuit as much as the front. It features a deep cut V, perfect for walking around in the sun without getting any pesky tan lines.

Shop the Crossroads Blog 060We recommend pairing it with this season’s popular silver coin necklace, a simple crossbody purse and a pair of neutral colored slides. These ones are by one of my favorite shoe brands, Ge Wawa.

Shop the Crossroads Blog 036If you’re looking for something to transition your jumpsuit game into fall, then try our black widow cut-out jumpsuit on for size, available in Crossroads stores for $42.50. It features an extra-wide leg, elastic waist and short sleeves.

Shop the Crossroads Blog 048The triangle shaped cut-outs at the waist are the perfect accessory to this all-black number. Just add a bold statement necklace.

Shop the Crossroads Blog 051

I’ve also added red leather sandals and peach Karen Walker number one sunnies to add a punch of color to the look.

Stay tuned because we have lots of new items hitting the Crossroads Online Shop in the coming weeks, with more items featured here available with our buy it now option.