Blog Love: Grease, Glamour and Girliness

You know how your mother always said not to talk back? It’s not the polite thing to do in real life, but in fashion, it’s the opposite. We watch Fashion Week street style even more closely than we do the runways because while the official word is great, we enjoy the word on the street a bit more. And the streets talk back! This month we discovered a few more bloggers we think are worth watching, and what kind of friends would we be if we didn’t share?

A Truly Intriguing Subject. Speaking of Fashion Week, you’ve probably happened upon a photo or two of Anne-Catherine Frey if you follow street style blogs or simply have a Tumblog. Hailing from Luxembourg, Anne-Catherine’s blog is effortlessly whimsical  – the photos of her life are almost as lighthearted and interesting as the outfits of her everyday. Her style is easy but still unique.

Grease and Glamour. This blog really does have a split personality, just as its name suggests. Prepare yourself for a jaw-dropping splash page and mish mash of outfits so eclectic you’ll question whether or not this is one person (Are they twins?). Regardless, she claims to be more, sometimes up to five. Wha? I can’t even wrap my head  around this madness. But I still like it, and you might too.

M Loves M. So with all this talk about grease, glamour and split personalities, how did we miss the girly-girl personality? Well you see, I have her right here. Mara’s a sweet little brunette with an equally sweet smile and a nice girl style. Her style can’t rub anyone the wrong way, and her attention to fine detail is apparent in her outfits and the rest of her posts – be sure to check out the recipes and wedding sections of her blog for some serious visual stimulation.

Blame it on Fashion. LA-Based blogger Marie may live in the Land of Everlasting Sunshine, but she is originally from Scandinavia…and we all know good things come from Scandinavia (think H&M and Ikea). Her sleek, simple, slightly edgy style is extremely eyes-on without screaming for attention. Think Acne, not Susie.

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  1. M Loves M is so cute! I think she has the sweetest personality and their engagement story is the best! <3


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