Trendspotting: Shearling

burberry rachel bilson shearling

Winter-wear is a serious task, sometimes too serious. Coats, scarves, boots, layering, knitwear – I just want to leave my house and quit being five minutes late to everything. And clearly throwing stuff on is as unappealing to me as freezing.

So…options? 1) Wait for Snuggies to become cool or, 2) get the next best thing: Shearling!

Burberry was all about it, from ridiculously cool jackets to equally amazing boots. Whether it’s lining leather or hugging your calves – like these Sam Edelman’s from Portland – shearling will protect you from the cold with ease and style.

Feeling warm and fuzzy over shearling? Let us know! Andie won this week’s $25 gift certificate, but next week’s could go straight towards your New Year’s outfit.

photos from left to right: Burberry Fall/Winter 2011, Rachel Bilson from


  1. pretty cute stuff!

  2. Great boots!

  3. not a fan of the vest on what’s-her-name actress. but the rest are tres cute! i’ve only ever owned one faux shearling coat and boy was that a nightmare. it was soooooooooo warm, but two sizes too large on me, in an ugly camel color (i’m visually allergic to that color or resembling shades). but i do miss the warmth. it’s so much better than wearing a puffer coat (which sometimes make me look like i’m in a bubble).

  4. i love shearling jacket.

  5. I could so go for some shearling boots right now…

  6. i like the shearing look as long as a shearing jacket is not at the same time “matched” with a pair of shearing boots….

  7. I’ve never been a fan of uggs, I like the Shearling look but I don’t think I would wear it.

  8. This Trendspotting made me warm just looking at it!! I’m not a huge fan of the shearling vest – maybe because she needs a fitted shirt/sweater underneath, not a loose one – but the boots and jacket look so warm while still being fashionable!! Will need to do some scouting at Crossroads for affordable options….

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