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Crossroads Finds: Jasmine Morgan

from Crossroads: American Apparel skirt, yellow ruffle dress, Juicy Couture zip-up, Banana Republic blazer.

Picking just one winner for our Crossroads Finds contest was so difficult. Everyone showcased not only amazing finds but also their individual styles. Ultimately, however, I handed the honor (and a $25 gift certificate!) to Jasmine Morgan whose cozy-chic layering is really making me rethink my spring fever.

I asked our winner a couple questions about her enviable Crossroads finds and equally awesome style and she shares her perfect shopping day in San Francisco plus where she gets her fashion inspiration:

Your Crossroads of choice is…? I don’t think it’s possible to pick a favorite from the four San Francisco stores because I’ve found absolutely amazing things at each and every one of them! But if forced I would pick Fillmore St. purely for its location: after shopping I can get my nails done, visit the Marc Jacobs store, and have sushi in Japantown all from one parking spot!

What do you love most about Crossroads? That it’s mainly about recycled clothing. I think that buying used clothes is the best way to stay green and be environmentally conscious. Clothing takes up a lot of our landfills and by buying and selling with Crossroads, I’m truly recycling. Plus, Crossroads helps those of us on a budget to have designer and fashion forward pieces that are usually outside most people’s price ranges.

What’s your absolute favorite Crossroads experience? Finding Michael Kors black rainboots for $32 that retail new for $125! Also, my mom and I often make a day out of visiting all the SF locations to sell our clothes and shop for others. One time we left a credit slip at the Irving St. store but didn’t realize until we got to Fillmore St. – the manager at Fillmore was nice enough to call Irving and make sure it was saved for the next time we were there. Now that’s service!

How would you describe your style? My style is both unique and trendy. I try to take pieces that are very hip and new and blend them in with items I already own. I never wear the same outfit twice because I like to challenge myself to create new ensembles and push the style boundaries of my brain. I’m always mixing things together until I reach the best combinations.

Anything or anyone you’re currently obsessed with? Leggings and boots! I wear boots yearound, and I love that leggings aren’t just dancewear anymore – I can wear leggings all day long and to my dance classes. I am really into neutrals right now, and mixing chunky textures with metallics, plus lots of layers. I draw a lot of inspiration from Forever21’s style blog “The Skinny” and I love Rachel Bilson’s column in InStyle because of how she translates runway to everyday. And who doesn’t love everything Leighton Meester wears on Gossip Girl?

The next time you go into Crossroads, what’ll you be hunting for? I’m always searching for the perfect LBD, this time maybe asymetrical or with cutouts. Also more fun platform heels, because a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes.

What would your perfect day be like? The chance to shadow Ann Roth while she designs, creates, and costumes a film. I’m studying musical theatre in college right now, but the art of costuming has always appealed to me as a career. I find Ann Roth to be the best of the best, and getting to see her process would be amazing.

Congratulations and thanks again Jasmine!

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