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Bay Area: Come one, come all to the biggest shopping party to hit San Francisco, presented by Chictopia, Crossroads Trading, and more of our friends. Grab tickets here and see you there on January 30 from 6pm to 9pm at 111 Minna St, San Francisco.

And to Top it Off

The term hat head may conjure up images of flat, limp locks, but we’re going to step out on a limb and say it’s so worth it. Whether you’re fielding off a chill in the air or bringing a formal look down a notch, a hat is just plain practical.

Take for example these two looks from Rachel of Jaglever, a member of the CTC Style Council and a one of NYC’s newest residents.  In the first look, she dons her recent hat find (from Crossroads!) to fight the rain.  We think she earns almost superhero status here.


And in this second look, the same hat brings a more formal gown back to Earth, just the teeniest bit.

Rachel 2

Would you dare to try your own topper in 2013?  Let us know in the comments below.

Happy Holidays

The Crossroads family wishes you a very happy holiday.

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What the fashion, Oscar?

michelle obama mcqueen oscar de la renta

Let’s review the facts:

Michelle Obama wore an Alexander McQueen gown to some fancy event.
Oscar de la Renta (and now Diane Von Furstenberg!) has expressed “disappointment not to be represented for this major state dinner.”

Alright, I get why you’re bummed out but we weren’t invited either – it’s okay. And while it might not be fact, a lot of people think MObama looked absolutely stunning, so what’s the big deal?

Ohhh, she was supposed to represent an American designer. Well, didn’t she wear Jason Wu to that thing called the Inaugural Ball and put his name on the map? Or what about that time she made J. Crew explode back into popularity?

Oh I see, you have your fingers in your ears and you’re not listening. Well that’s mature…

And this might not be fact either, but we like what Michelle Obama wears because she wears what she wants – so quit acting like Oscar the Grouch! After all, being catty is really unflattering.

♥’s: the sartorialist

By now, millions have seen his beautiful street-style photos posted on The Sartorialist. Some of us might even know Scott Schuman’s story: Simply taking pictures in New York as a hobby, to suddenly covering all the major fashion weeks and more. I doubt he needed the ego-boost, but we even named his blog as one of the sites we’re most thankful for.

Now we’re doubly thankful someone decided to turn the camera on him for a change. This video is just. plain. pretty. And pretty inspiring too. Great way to start the week, no? And how ’bout that barber!

what the fashion? mrs. marc

industrie marc jacobs cover

Acclaimed designer Marc Jacobs: the man, the legend, and the occasional woman. Why not?

On top of pioneering high-fashion grunge at the start of his career and designing bags every girl wants in her possession, “Mrs. Jacobs” adds “covergirl” to the list of his/her accomplishments with the second issue of Industrie Magazine.

It seemed like just yesterday Marc Jacobs was the shy-looking designer who was besties with Sofia Coppola. Then he lost weight, got tan, and stamped Sponge-Bob Squarepants on his arm. Permanently. And this cover is hardly his first foray into cross-dressing.

So do we care about his radical transformations? Good grief, no. From manning (or woman-ing) the creative helm of two amazing namesake brands plus Louis Vuitton, we love it all. And by the way, your legs look great.

Got an opinion on Marc’s stems? Well let us know – and quick! – because we’re picking another commenter to win a $25 gift certificate on Monday.

Our 5 Favorite Summer Festival Looks

Summer wouldn’t be complete without a day (or several) spent at a summer festival.  While the mood is often carefree, your fashion choices are usually dictated by avoiding sunburn, protecting your pretty toes from the dancing crowds and making sure you have plenty of pockets for lip gloss and souvenir money.

Short on ideas?  We’re here to help. Here are some of the looks we think not only look but play smart:

Photo courtesy of

This fashionista manages to balance her inner hippie with her street smart booties.  She’s set the stage for dancing the night away without any fear of crushed toes.  Brilliant.

Photo courtesy of

You’re going to need a hat, so go all out. Not only does this hat guarantee to keep the late afternoon sun out of her eyes, but it takes that dress to a new level of chic.

Photo courtesy of

Just because you’re at  an outdoor festival doesn’t mean you have to resort to the usual summer uniform of shorts and a t-shirt.  I love how this guy sticks with basics but adds his own twist.  You’d swear he was catching a plane back to St. Tropez after the concert.

Photo courtesy of

These two have festival strategy down pat.  Neon colors mean you’ll never lose your friends, and a cross body bag carries all your essentials while leaving you hands-free.

Photo courtesy of

This layered look wins me over.  She must think like me, fearing the cool morning will turn into a scorching afternoon that fades into a chilly evening.  Both fashionable and practical, she’s prepared for whatever comes her way.

We’d love to cross fashionable paths with you at one of the summer’s upcoming music festivals.  Read below and find out where you can find us and our racks of summer must-haves.

Find Us at the Festival

pitchfork streetstyle

some stylish Crossroads fans at Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago

Enjoy sun, music, fun and fashion with us at these upcoming events:

Lollapalooza, Chicago: August 6-8

Sunset Junction, LA: August 21-22

Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle: September 4-6


Crossroads Loves…

men's prada accessories

Dark and mysterious: Boyfriend material? Maybe. Stylish? Definitely.

Black is just so sharp and classic, you can never go wrong; so head to Melrose Ave. if you want some accessories that will honestly never look bad. Just bad ass.


Find Us at the Festival

pitchfork music festival 2010 style
Bohemian wild-child, vintage star or bright beauty – whatever your style is, if you’re coming to Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago this weekend, Crossroads will be there too!

Come by our booth and pick up a free goodie while supplies last.