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Alright, alright: so this post probably isn’t about what you thought it was going to be about – but what can I say? Fashion is about having fun! So for Halloween, our style-obsessed staff put a rest to their heels and broke out some zombie face-paint…or just rocked ’em both. After all, if there’s a rule against being well-dressed from beyond the grave, we would break it in a…umm, heartbeat.

Anyway, for the kind of dressing up that’s more everyday check out our “Impress for Less” contest at Chictopia. We know you support recycled fashion and we know you wear it well, so show it off if you want to win a $100 gift certificate!

Or, hey, just tell us what your costume was for Halloween in the comments below. Our weekly giveaway of $25 is still going strong and we always love your feedback.


  1. Dressed up as an emo kid

  2. I was a young Jedi Padawan. :)

  3. Dressed up like a car crash victim!

  4. I went to a Hogwartz Halloween Party and I dressed up as Hermione. ^_^

  5. caitie clancey says:

    i love that pinocchio costume!! i wish i had thought of that one. cute!

  6. I was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz! Even had my friend’s little pup to be my Toto with matching blue gingham hairbow :)

  7. I was a black cat! I wore a great little black sweater dress that I bought from Crossroads, it was purrrrfect. :)

  8. Alison Mahaffey says:

    I dressed up as a Shiitake mushroom. I wore white clothing then spray painted the top of a paper parasol brown.

  9. I dressed up as Snooki. I wore a BCBG lace dress, had the signature poof and wore a sign that said, “Snooki wants smoosh-smoosh.” =)

  10. I was Static Cling

  11. My latest fashion inspiration: Betty Draper

  12. Arianna colffer says:

    Foxy cleopatra! Allgold tight minidress with a headband that i tied around my arms :)

  13. I was a Sailor and I even had stockings with little anchors and then I was Brad from Rocky Horror Picture Show and THEN I was a Zombie!

  14. Russel from UP– nevermind that I’m not an 8 year old boy.

  15. I was Frida Kahlo like the lovely lady up above!

  16. I didn’t feel like dressing up in the day so I just told people I was a Blessing in Disguise. Then later that night I was Venus as a Boy as an ode to Bjork. (blonde wig in mens clothes w/ clam shell accents) :o)

  17. I dressed up as Potter, Harry Potter. I had on a dark gray sweater with a white button up under with a second-hand store tie with the Gryffindor colors on them. Dressed it up with black khaki’s and dark brown loafers. Had on the cloak and a lightening bolt scar drawn on forehead with eye liner.

  18. i didnt dress up for halloween but i wish i did

  19. I went as Spock from Star Trek!

  20. I was too busy to think of anything, and by the time Halloween rolled around, I was still costume-less. Oh well. Perhaps next year.

  21. My friend and I were Jekyll and Hyde 😉

  22. shirley lei says:

    Oh, I wish I dressed up as something/somebody. Halloween was a crazy night for planning. I don’t have a regular group of friends to hang out with so it was basically choose one friend among my list of friends to do something with. But, no go. So… was gonna stay home and have better luck next year. At the very last minute went out with a friend and I just put on my very best Doo.ri dress! haha. (FYI: had I had time to “dress up” I would’ve wore my female pirate costume — it was expensive and I sure do want to get my money’s worth!)


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