Coachella Outfit Inspiration

All the Instagram pictures of wristbands have probably tipped you off that Coachella is coming, and with that, the floodgates of festival season are officially O.P.E.N.

Well, we think that whether you’re going to Coachella, doing Nochella, or staying at home for some co-chillin’ with friends, this is the opportune moment to get in the festival spirit, sport a maxi and listen to some good vibe tunes (if not some live tunes). To get your gears going while you plan out your suitcase or just your weekend, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite fest-worthy outfits for your wardrobe inspiration. Next stop? Indio.

coachella10 coachella9 coachella8 coachella7 coachella6 coachella5 coachella4 coachella11 coachella1 coachella2fest1

Images via Pinterest, M&J Blog, Free People Instagram, Spell Designs, Katarina Flickinger, Nasty Gal, Tumblr, Heliely

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I'm a recycled fashion enthusiast, as well as the official Crossroads Trading blogger. I have a penchant for cameras, pumpkin flavored-anything, midi skirts, throwback TV shows, music festivals, and beaches.


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