Current Obsessions: Nail Inspiration + 7 Ways to Wear a Jacket

Another week has almost passed us by, and like any other week, this one had its high points and its low points. At the top of the highs for us is an editorial on how to style one tweed jacket in 7 different ways (get to pinning, girls), and on the lows, Jenna Bush’s attempt to dougie. Before the weekend meets us head on, read on and catch up on the most happening happenings on the internet in this week’s edition of Current Obsessions.

1. 7 Ways to Wear 1 Chanel Jacket. Shot by Wendelin Spiess for ELLE France, this cheeky editorial featuring Cara Delevingne shows us 7 different ways to wear a Chanel jacket that even we never thought of (and you know we have a knack for how-tos). Granted, most of us aren’t IT girl enough to own a Chanel tweedie of any sort, but we think the same methods can be applied to any tweed jacket. See the rest here.

2. MacKayla Maroney teaches Jenna Bush how to dougie.
The unimpressed gymnast taught the former President’s daughter (and Today Show contributor) how to do the dougie. Apparently, MacKayla has many talents. Jenna, on the other hand, should stick to her day job.

3. Candella Cap-Toe Booties. These sweet, suede Candella booties look as if they were dipped in ice cream flavored paint (yum). The style and color make them great for the summer-fall transitional period.Candella, size 9.5, $47.50 at Williamsburg Crossroads

4. Dance Photography by Little Shao. These breathtaking ballet images by Little Shao are nothing short of…well, breathtaking. “Speechless” is another word that comes to mind. More here.

5. Nail Inspiration. We pin – all day, every day. And we have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to nail inspiration. Follow.

6. Crossroads is now open in Los Feliz. If you don’t know, now you know.

Images via Because I’m Addicted, Little Shao, ELLE France, Pinterest

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