Current Obsessions: Ray-Ban Sunnies + Christina Ricci

1. Christina Ricci for Oyster #97. I secretly want to be Wednesday Addams, and I not-so-secretly love Oyster Magazine. Seeing the star who played my beloved character all grown up and all over Oyster #97’s cover simply fills me with glee. In this version of events, she plays the roll of the badass chick on the back of a motorcycle – which isn’t a bad look for her either. 2. Fake Plastic Trees by Jim English. Quite possibly the best Radiohead cover, ever. Period with a dot and all.

3. Round Ray-Ban Sunnies. There’s no better way to put your best face forward than with your rad shades. With these round Ray-Bans, you will mean business even if you speak of music festivals. I sense that you will waltz straight to the front row come New York Fashion Week…not a bad return for a $60 investment.

Ray-Ban, $60 at Berkeley Crossroads

4. Fuchsia Lipstick.We’re getting ready to shed our coats and uncolored frowns here at Crossroads headquarters. Yes to picnics, milkshakes, spring, and fun fuchsia lipstick. I support the overall cause of fuchsia lipstick but am particularly fond of “Schiap” by NARS, seen below.

5. DIY Lace Clutch Tutorial. If you’re feeling crafty this weekend, ditch the cookie recipe and follow this brilliant DIY tutorial to make your own lace clutch. The logical extension of the brown paper bag purse you made when you were 6 years old (or was that just me?), it qualifies as wearable art.  And we all know it’s more fun to wear the fruit of your labor than to eat it.

Photos via Fashion Gone Rogue, Noel Nichols Makeup Artist, Because I’m Addicted

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