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Look of the Week: Bright Prep Mon, 21 Jul 2014 21:18:05 +0000 more>>]]> Typically, a preppy outfit conjures up images of snappy, well-tailored ensembles in red, white and blue, but one of our very own Crossroads Style Council members–Micaela of Drifter & the Gypsy–proves you can maintain your preppy cool while exploring fun color palettes like this key lime pie-inspired one:

lime-street-style keylimepie_17_3

I love how Micaela (styled by another one of our Style Council ladies, Beth Jones) went monochrome in citrus hues. The key lime theme makes theses conservative pieces fun, while accessories like her killer statement necklace break away from the preppy feel just enough to make it interesting.

Here are some more preppy outfits with a colorful twist…


Who’d have thought preppy could be so much fun?

Photo credits: Drifter & the Gypsy, Life through Preppy Glasses, The Best Fashion Blog, You Look Fab, Fab Sugar

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Current Obsessions: Peach Fri, 18 Jul 2014 21:07:52 +0000 more>>]]> Nothing says summer like peaches (peach ice cream… yummmm)–but why stop there? Shades of peach are just what your closet needs as we enter into the dog days of summer. And I’m not the only one who feels this way; check out these fab peach outfits:

peach-street-style tumblr_n8q66pSHwM1r3s2t7o4_1280 lace-and-locks-petite-fashion-blogger-peach-full-skirt-01taylor-swift-peach-tods-handbag-nude-handbag-celebrity-designer-bags-red-lipstick-casual-daytime-style-fashion-ideaspeach-dress-street-stylepeach-blazer-street-stylepeach-heels-street-style

Photo credits: Cupcakes and Cashmere, Closet Freaks, Lace & Locks, Handbag, Daily Mail, Not Just Brides, City Tonic

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How to: style bold patterned bottoms Thu, 17 Jul 2014 23:31:41 +0000 more>>]]> This week I’ve probably heard “Weird Al” Yankovic’s new track Because I’m Tacky at least 100 times. OK, I’m exaggerating a little, but he brings up some good points about fashion these days. In fact, some of the “tacky” items on his list come straight from this year’s hottest fashion trends.

He rhymes about “…wearing stripes and plaid” and sporting “…sandals with…socks.” But wait–I’ve seen the mixing of stripes and plaid all over the blogger scene this past year. And W Magazine is forecasting that sandals with socks will be Fall 2014′s biggest footwear trend. Which begs the question, what is tacky anyway? And when it comes to busy prints how should we style our bold patterned bottoms?

Bold Bottoms 003Option 1: Pair your bold patterned bottom with a simple black tank. This multi-colored sunray maxi skirt ($35) is the perfect first styling challenge. It has an all-over print and incorporates at least 6 colors in its busy design. I’ve kept the styling simple with a pair of brown leather sandals, white sunnies and a black silk tank top. The simple, barely there, black tank keeps the bold print at the center of attention.

Bold Bottoms 012Option 2: Style your bold bottom piece with a bright colored blouse. If you want to play up that bold print, opt for a brightly colored blouse. I’ve selected this cherry red blouse with draped front by 213 Industries. Pairing a bright top in a contrasting color just livens up the whole outfit. Pick a simple black shoe and keep the accessorizing to a minimum.

Bold Bottoms 016

Plus these blue and tan printed trousers are just $15!

Bold Bottoms 022Option 3: Wear a solid tunic or dress on top. Sometimes when styling a busy print, less is more. To play down the print on your bottom half, wear an elongated solid on top. It minimizes the print and slims the body! These blue geometric trousers are also just $15.

Bold Bottoms 034Side note: I’m really digging these wall decals I picked up at Ikea (similar here). They’re a great way to add a little decor to an empty space, plus they’re super affordable!

Bold Bottoms 026Option 4: Get “tacky” with it and add a printed top to your printed bottoms– even add a printed shoe! Taking fashion risks is what fashion is all about after all. And sometimes two prints are better than one. So pile on the prints like I did here, pairing this checkered print bra top with our black and white scarf print trousers, $15. Contrasting prints often compliment each other and one thing’s for sure: you’ll have one eye-catching outfit! #sorrynotsorry

All printed bottoms hitting stores early next week! Can’t get to one of our 32 locations? Shop the Crossroads Online Shop with us! We’ve got plenty of printed bottoms for you to choose from, with some on sale!

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How to Get Away with a Daring Outfit Mon, 14 Jul 2014 18:32:01 +0000 more>>]]> Recently, a photo caught my eye on The Sartorialist. It’s of a man wearing typical “man-gear”: newsboy cap, blazer,button-down shirt, trousers, loafers. But in true Italian style (he was snapped by The Sartorialist, so of course he was jaunting around Italy), this man’s outfit consists of super stylish man-gear.

blue men's smock

The statement piece is, of course, the blue smock. And if you were to describe this man’s overall outfit, most people would give it a thumbs down. Yet when you look at it… it works. How?

  1. Monochrome. When you’re going to wear something a little over-the-top, keep the color palette simple. This guy nails it with shades of blue from his hat to his socks.
  2. Semi-classic tailoring. The blazer is just a blazer. It’s not oversized; it’s not snug; it’s juuuust right. The trousers nudge the envelope just a touch above the knee, but since the smock nearly reaches his knees, all you really see is a classic cut.
  3. Subtle accessories. The loafers have large gold buckles. Can any other country get away with this, or is just Italy? And he’s got some sort of long-strapped bag casually slung over his shoulder. He’s not concerned with convincing anyone that it’s a Man Bag: it’s a sassy, strappy thing, and he’s making it work.

I think it’s refreshing to see a man take fashion risks, especially when the risks are wrapped in a moody color scheme and unusual pieces (hello, smock). What do you think? Are you ready to see more adventurous styling in men’s fashion?

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Two Summer Trends You Need Right Now Fri, 11 Jul 2014 18:04:01 +0000 more>>]]> When the big bullseye store starts prepping for back-to-school, then I know that fall is coming… eventually. Sure, I’ll fantasize about brisk days and cozy sweaters–but since it’s still early July–I’ll content myself with shopping for the summer pieces I’ve been lusting after for the last couple of months.

One of my favorite trends that will totally take me into fall is the drapey/flowy midi skirt. You can wear it with any top and your favorite sandals, pile on jewelry (especially the shiny, clinky kind) and automatically look chic.

midi-skirt midiskirt27midi-skirt-shop-crossroads

You can shop this look here.


This lovely thing is 50% here.


Get this here.

The other look I love but sadly don’t have a whole lot of in my closet right now is the slouchy, slightly oversized light sweater/sweatshirt. It’s also another easy piece to transition into fall, and it looks so effortlessly chic.


Love this one.


And this one.

I’m definitely getting one of these tops and at least one of the skirts while it’s still summer… What else is on your summer trend list?


Photo credits: Style Hawk, The Front Row


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styled by our buying crew Thu, 10 Jul 2014 21:41:59 +0000 more>>]]> As fashion lovers, we are all fans of classic and simple pieces. But as shopaholics, we love finding those key pieces that can be styled in more than one way (Hello, fashion budget!).

I knew we had one of those highly sought after pieces when this black and white maxi skirt (by up-and-coming label Dance and Marvel) came through our doors. Check out how our buying crew styled this skirt with looks that work for day, night, work and weekend!

Day: Styled by Samantha

black and white maxi skirt 042I paired the maxi skirt with bright cherry reds and soft pinks. For a daytime look, I thought it would be great to keep the black and white background neutral and add this red tank by Mink Pink I bought for $16.50. I added a red bucket purse by Coach and these pink sandals by Zara to complete the look.

black and white maxi skirt 046

Night: Styled by Solana

black and white maxi skirt 002Solana paired her maxi skirt with lots of dark colors to achieve that night out look. A forest green cropped tank by Fluxus, $16.50, and a cropped biker jacket by Widow finishes off the look.  I love the juxtaposition her buckled leather combat boots make against the femininity of the maxi skirt.

Work: Styled by Orion

black and white maxi skirt 009To get that office appropriate look, Orion gathered up pieces that mirrored the black and white found in the skirt. I especially love her vintage Vera Neumann black and white tulip printed tee. Her high-heeled oxfords are by Dries Van Noten and her wool blazer is vintage.

black and white maxi skirt 019Orion has been collecting Vera Neumann clothing, scarves and home goods for almost 15 years now. Many of her best pieces she found while working at the original Castro store in San Francisco, which has since been moved to its current location on Market St.

black and white maxi skirt 018Her butter-soft leather Dries Van Noten heels came from our Crossroads store in Costa Mesa.

Weekend: Styled by Jason

black and white maxi skirt 026

Jason opted to pair the skirt with a classic denim jacket for the perfect weekend outfit. With a punch of color (thanks to the pumpkin swing tank) and those awesome black sandals, this look is begging for the weekend to arrive!

This black and white striped skirt can be found in select Crossroads stores for just $35.  Or shop the Crossroads Online Skirt Shop here.

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Looks that are easy as 1-2-3 Wed, 02 Jul 2014 22:04:14 +0000 more>>]]> Do these really go together? Am I really pulling it off? These are the questions we ask ourselves when we’re not sure if our new plaid shirt really goes with our vintage floral capris. We know we all have to take fashion risks, but how do we know if Clinton and Stacy would approve?  It’s a furry Birkenstocked world out there after all and I, for one, don’t want to end up on What Not to Wear.

When I’m having an outfit-911, I call on my favorite fashion magazine for inspiration. Magazines that highlight looks based on a theme can shed light on new ways to wear existing pieces.  But believe me, they can do even better than that. When I have tons of new arrivals on my hands, these “fashion bibles” help me coordinate outfits inspired straight from the pages of their magazines.

Neutrals 28

First Blushes. This look is all about the color white. Well…white with just a touch of soft peach, heather grey and just a sprinkle of sheerness.

1. White structured dress, $28.50 2. Two-tone pumps, $16.50 3. Sheer crop blouse, $22.50 4. Heather gray yoga pant, $13.50 5.Grid shortalls, $26.50

Neutrals 054When it comes to wearing white, a dainty necklace is a must. Try one of these little gems from our newest arrivals in stores now: daisy in glass, $13.50; violet glass cube, $10; gold infinity symbol, $8.

Neutrals 055Or try something unexpected like our layered rectangles necklace in gold, $16, or the pearl gilded penknife, $16.50.

Neutrals 3The Bohemian Dreamer. This look is inspired by Indian cottons, embellishments, rich tans and golds, and crochet.

1. Floral mini skirt, $20 2. Peep-toe pumps, $16.50 3. Crochet vest, $26.50 4. Ikat print kimono, $15 5. Bell-sleeved embroidered blouse, $28.50

Neutrals 053Nothing completes the bohemian dreamer look better than a floral headdress. The lyric “be sure to wear some flowers in your hair” still rings true today. Now that’s a summer anthem we can get behind.

Daisy or English rose headband, just $7.50.  And check out this jewelry video for more new accessories hitting stores now!


Magazine photo credits:  Nylon, InStyle


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Re-Style Your Fourth Mon, 30 Jun 2014 17:28:15 +0000 more>>]]> Independence Day is coming up quick, so it’s time to strategize: what are you going to wear? Here’s a rundown of my favorite holiday weekend looks… Get ready to re-style your Fourth!


Cut-out ankle booties are so, so much better than wearing flip flops with cut-offs, don’t you agree?

One of our very own Crossroads Style Council members, Bethany of Snakes Nest, has inspired the foundation for my Independence Day outfit. (1) She has on quite possibly the best pair of cut-out bootiesever. (2) Extra points for wearing them with cut-off denim shorts. (3) Plus, I love how she’s paired a nicer top with cut-offs. It’s unexpected and kind of dresses up the look without trying too hard.

If black booties just aren’t summer-y enough for you, try them woven. These Jeffrey Campbells are from last year, but I’d still kill for them…


Denim cut-offs are just as necessary to the 4th of July as fireworks. And for a little change, I’m loving this super easy styling trick I’ve been seeing lately… roll your cutoffs once or twice so you can still see a little fray peeking out.


Although I just can’t get on board with the return of 90′s jeans (flattering on .0001% of the population), I love the idea of pairing a nice button-up blouse with destroyed denim shorts.

So we’ve covered white and blue with a white blouse and blue denim, and we’re accessorizing with black. So here’s the pop of red that will make this outfit fireworks-ready:


Yes, lipstick is part of your outfit. It may seem like patriotic nail art would be a gimme, but I can’t in good conscience recommend that. During my most recent pedicure, I was coerced into getting nail art, and now my toes look like they belong to Wonder Woman. So stick with the red lips, OK?

Photo credits: Snakes Nest, The Good FashionistaSartorial FlairMisses Dressy, Stud-Center

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Crossroads Camp 2014 Fri, 27 Jun 2014 22:46:26 +0000 more >>]]> We got together in beautiful Napa Valley for our annual management retreat!  crossroadscamp_1

crossroadscamp_21   crossroadscamp_3 crossroadscamp_4  crossroadscamp_6  crossroadscamp_8 crossroadscamp_9 crossroadscamp_10 crossroadscamp_11   crossroadscamp_13 crossroadscamp_14 crossroadscamp_15  crossroadscamp_16  crossroadscamp_19

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