Girl Crush: Yasmin Sewell

Last time we were girl crushin’ (and we do it a lot), we talked about Russian mini-mogul of style, Miroslava Duma. This time, our attention turns to the Australian fashion industry, which surely will reach world domination shortly. Meet Yasmin Sewell.

She was just a teenager working at an estate agency when her mother sewed a pink taffeta ball gown on her Singer sewing machine – an event many teenagers might consider mundane. But for Sewell, who became completely smitten with fashion thereafter, it was a defining moment. She knew that fashion was where she wanted to find her career path. The seeds planted and the seams stitched, it would take a lot of effort for her dreams to come to fruition.

For Sewell to become the powerhouse of a fashion retail consultant and trend forecaster that she is today, she was willing to make moves to do it – literally.  She moved from her hometown in Australia to London and then to New York, where she opened a boutique, launching designers such as Rick Owens. Thereafter, Sewell returned to Australia and began working as a consultant, where she was named Australian of the Year for 2012.

The title isn’t light and it isn’t given out lightly, either. For a fashion scene with so much attention on it these days, being regarded as the country’s style icon is flattering, to say the least. And if you take a look at this outfit roundup, you’ll see that this lover of menswear and bold patterns deserves all the grace and good she can get.

Images via All the Pretty Birds, StreetFSN, Citizen Couture, Street Peeper, Art of Wore, 21arrondissement

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  1. aw I love her! She got my attention first for her short and naturally curly ‘do

  2. Wow! She is amazing! I’ve never seen someone rock a midi skirt like that. Very inspiring! <3


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