Guest Post: Rachel of Jag Lever Breaks Down her Hair and Makeup Look

When you meet Rachel of the blog Jag Lever, besides being smacked in the face by her impeccable style, we’re certain you’ll be enamored with her perfect makeup, perfect hairstyle and perfect hair coloring. After spending some time gushing over Rachel’s skills with our corporate buyer, we had to ask her…Rachel, how do you do it? For your sake and ours, Rachel was kind enough to share her entire routine, as well as where we can find her hairdresser. Read on because Rachel’s blog post starts right here:

I was honored when I was asked to share how I go about my daily routine with my hair and make-up! Luckily, my routine is fairly simple and inexpensive.

I will usually put on more eye make-up if I am shooting a specific look. But my daily routine is very similar, just with less eye shadow.

Step 1: Make sure my face is nice and clean. I usually use a Shiseido cream face wash if I have it, or a L’Oreal face wash from any pharmacy works just as well.

Step 2: I use a cheap concealer stick (from any pharmacy) in a color a touch lighter than my skin tone, but fairly similar, to go over my dark circles and any obvious blemishes.

Step 3: This step involves the most expensive make-up item I own, which is my Chanel water-based concealer. One bottle goes a LONG way and it is well worth the money in my opinion. I cover my entire face with this product (over the stick concealer as well) and make sure it is well blended. I may put more over my eyes to take care of dark circles.

Step 4: I use an eyeshadow palette from Topshop to put some light shadow on my upper lid and blend a little on to my lower lid, just to give my eyes some highlight.

Step 5: I use a Benefit black eye pencil and draw a thick black line across my upper lid, along my upper waterline, and  halfway along the bottom lid.

Step 6: I use an eyelash curler (any kind works) and curl my eyelashes. Then I apply a cheap drugstore mascara.

Step 7: The final step is using a Benefit blush. I dab my cheeks with a little light pink.

And that’s it! It’s a really simple everyday routine.


As for my hair, which is also fairly simple, I use a small Babyliss straightener. There are plenty of great tutorials on how to get this look on YouTube, which is how I initially learned this technique. It is hard to explain in writing, so here is a video that will show you how to curl it.

After I curl my hair, I brush it all out and then separate all of the curls into smaller pieces. Then, I will flip my head over and hair spray everything in a crazy motion and shake my hair while doing so. Then I bring it all back and smooth it over with a brush and spray again.

My hair color is by my hairdresser, Matt Blaschka, and who works at Milano Hair Design Studio in Wicker Park in Chicago.

Images via Jag Lever

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