Current Obsessions: The Olsens + Quilted Leather Jackets

1. Halston Campaign. I can’t get over the glitzy glamour of the holiday Halston campaign. Model Ieva Laguna shows off her they-go-on-for-miles legs in a variety of sparkly dresses, gorgeous sky high heels, and furry coats…all by her lonesome in a beautiful house that reminds me a bit of Napoleon III’s apartment in the Louvre. Can I join you, Ieva? Pretty please? We can sip tea and eat crumpets together in the late afternoon!

2. Stylemint November T Contest Video. My not-so-guilty pleasure is the Olsen twins. Having grown up together thanks to Full House,¬† I can’t help but love them, and their amazing fashion senses and lines only add to my devotion. Their contest video can best be described as “weird and random, with some sweet added in there too,” as one of the YouTube commenters said.

3. Gucci  Bag. Gahh! Are you guys trying to kill me? While I personally can do without most monograms, a Gucci monogram goes right after my heart. Now if only I could get this sweet bag on my arm.

Gucci bag $150 at Arden Way Crossroads

4. Instagram. Over the weekend, I joined the world and finally got Instagram. That means Crossroads did too. Now we’re Instagram-ing all over the place and we love it. Follow us for behind the scenes action and pretty dresses – our username is CrossroadsTrading.

Women’s quilted leather jackets in brown and purple $55 eachMen’s tweed coat $48.50, Men’s leather jacket $58.50

5. Hedi Slimane’s California Song exhibit at MOCA at the Pacific Design Center in Hollywood. I’d gladly trade all of my previous LA trips just to be in LA right now for Hedi Slimane’s exhibit, which opened just a few days ago and ends on January 12th. The amazing photographer captured Francis Bean Cobain not too long ago in an epic photo epic. And that’s a lot of “epic” in one sentence. If you’re in LA, please go. Then let me know how it was…I’ll try not to be jealous.

Images via Fashion Gone Rogue, Inspirafashion, Obsessee

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  1. I as well have a secret soft spot for the Olsen Twins, ok they have GREAT style!

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