How to: Pack Like a Pro

Jessie of Style & Pepper (and one of our super stylish Crossroads Style Council members) recently wrote a how-to on packing for a trip, and since I, too, will be going out of town soon, I wanted to see if I could apply her tips myself. Here’s how my experiment went…

I selected a few different locations, starting with San Diego.

San Diego women's fashion

Looking like flight patterns on a map, the arrows show how versatile a navy blazer can be. The denim jacket also works with more than one outfit, and bonus: The coral sweater and white tee are interchangeable.

The shoes (I’m dying over the mint suede Jimmy Choos) can be mixed and matched with each outfit, depending on your mood. And the tote will work for every occasion from the flight itself to the beach to a shopping frenzy, while the clutch is perfect for going out for drinks or dinner.

Now let’s travel north to the SF Bay Area

SF Bay Area women's fashion

Again, working with two different jackets–a floral blazer and a varsity jacket–plus tops that are interchangeable, I’ve created tons of different outfits with only 8 pieces. I stuck with complimentary colors like the burgundy pinafore (available in our online store), light pinks, olive green, and pale blues.

The only thing more fickle than Bay Area weather is what I feel like wearing each day… Having lots of options ensure that I’ll always have something I like to wear.

Eastbound to Chicago

chicago women's fashion

No arrows are needed here–almost everything you see can be worn with everything. Even the cashmere sweater dress can be worn with the white denim leggings for extra warmth. And all of the tops can be worn with either pair of pants. The fuchsia wool coat with faux fur collar will give every outfit a pop of color–oh, and it will help keep you warm, too.

Jessie’s travel packing tips work like magic… Happy travels!

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Amber has been obsessed with fashion since she was nine years old--when she got a pair of white pointy boots with silver studs and beaded tassels. She's been collecting shoes (and bags and hats and jeans...) ever since. Now she's a writer and a mom, and she often takes her toddler shopping with her, rocking out to Raffi songs along the way.


  1. Ahhh – Love how you’ve applied them to your own adventures here… Well done, my dear!!! XO

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