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Kathleen kind of floored me (in a good way) when I finally got a chance to interview her for our blog. One of the winners of our Impress for Less contest on Chictopia and the mastermind behind the blog Inspirafashion, she is as enthusiastic about fashion as she is about life in general. When asked to describe herself, the first word she said was “bubbly” and rightfully so – the 20-year-old is also a lover of art, sweets, Joseph Gordon Levitt, and interior design (exact words – “Ikea is my best friend”). An eclectic dresser and sweetie of a person, we like her, and we think you will too.

Three words that describe you – go!

Bubbly, creative, persevering.

When did you start blogging? Where did you get the idea to start a fashion blog, and how has Inspirafashion evolved into what it is today?

I started blogging last year September 2010.  I first started out on Chictopia, an online fashion community, and was so happy with all the support I had on there that I decided to start my own blog.  Wow and in terms of evolving, it literally evolved right before my eyes and I’m so happy I am able to connect with so many readers this way.  I am so excited for what’s to come in the future.

How would you describe your personal style, and how has it changed?

My personal style is very eclectic and I usually wear whatever I feel comfortable and confident in.  But right now I am very into the Bohemian kind of style, natural, carefree, and free-spirited are traits I love for this style.

Your outfits are very eclectic and I love that! One day you’re wearing a lace skirt, the next day you’re wearing studded shorts. You hear so many girls say they like a trend but can’t “pull it off.” What do you think it takes to “pull off” anything?

Aw you’re so sweet, thank you!  And to “pull off” anything, I firstly really believe in having confidence whenever you wear a trendy item you’re not so sure about.  Because, really, at the end of the day you’ll be the one strutting in it around town…and if you’re looking confident in it, you can in all realness “pull off” anything.

What are your favorite trends this season, and how do you plan working  them into your wardrobe for your own look?

I definitely am loving how much crochet, fringe, and feathers are big for Spring/Summer.  Right now I love how fringe can not only be on tops but also cardigans (perfect for layering) and even bags (found one recently at H&M I’m hooked to).  Crochet is perfect for dresses and feathers are my favorite for earrings or necklaces.

Who are your style icons and what inspires you?

Corny I know, but first would be my Mom.  She really inspires me with how she collects beautiful clothing from thrift and vintage shops, and inspired me to go out and try to find clothes there.  Second are definitely my readers and bloggers in general — every time I visit their blogs, I get a big dose of fashion inspiration!  And lastly definitely would be Mary-Kate Olsen.  Her effortless style is something I can always look back to whenever I’m in a fashion rut.

Where is your favorite place to shop, and do you have any designers you really like? I really love shopping at H&M, whenever I walk in there, I always end up finding something I love.  I love Chloe, Alexander Wang, Sass & Bide, Ellery, Chanel, Dior, and the list can go on and on haha.

What are some tips you have for someone who wants to be fashionable but doesn’t have the cash for designer duds?

First THRIFT. Then VINTAGE.  Thrift stores really have the best prices for even designer pieces.  Vintage definitely is a cheap way to buy beautiful clothing from different fashion eras.  Both are ways to find unique and gorgeous pieces at a reasonable price.

Thank you for your time, Kathleen!

Photos courtesy of Inspirafashion. Also check out Kathleen’s Chictopia!

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