Keeping It Classic

Q: I pride myself on a very classic style.  What do you consider classic looks for the spring season?

A: Try pairing a pencil skirt with an oversized cardigan and skinny belt, or opt for a wrap dress with a strappy heel.  Plaid prints are a must-have for that preppy look, and a lightweight trouser will keep you warm when spring breezes arise.

For evenings, a bright-colored trench coat is a stand-out.  Look for ones in grass green, yellow or metallic. And finally, nothing says spring classic like a pretty ballet flat. 

These two ballet flats are on their way to our stores now.*  You’ll enjoy their soft green lining all summer long.


       Blowfish $20 (New)                                        Blowfish $22.50 (New)

*Excluding our outlet store in Stockton



  1. Veruca Salt says:

    I’m not one for all-white shoes, but those blue and whites are very very cute.

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