Let’s Hang: La Vagabond Dame and Jean Greige

When I sent Crossroads Style Council members Madeline of Jean Greige and Natalie of La Vagabond Dame an email a couple weeks ago with the subject line of “Let’s Hang,” I really meant it. Fast forward a few weeks later, and I had trekked out of my cottage-inspired hotel in Hollywood to meet a too-cool lady with Kool-Aid dyed hair in front of a quaint brunch spot called Larchmont Bungalow. Madeline texted  me “Hey I’m here!” just was I was parking and a few minutes later Natalie showed up in a pair of  liquid leggings and a shaggy pink coat that garnered her compliments for the rest of the day. It was kind of the quintessential “fashion girls” brunch, if there is such a thing, and I was sitting with two of the coolest fashion girls in LA. If you don’t follow us in Instagram (and you should!), here’s a recap of the day’s  events.

This being LA though, no one seemed to mind or take note too much, which was kind of nice.Sitting across from two bloggers whose words you’ve read for so long is an interesting experience, because even though we’d never met before, it was something like meeting up with two girlfriends I’ve known forever – or at least as long as I’ve been reading. We talked about fashion, of course, but also about work, school, social media, the Crossroads Style Council,  Madeline’s rad hat (which her mom gave her), and why being kind and nice to people is so important and valuable. I loved that we all so readily agreed on all points, but especially that last one.I made the girls fist bump so I could snap this photo of their ring games…both pretty amazing. In the words of Ryan Gosling, hey girl.In case you were wondering, the food at Larchmont Bungalow is pretty amazing. If you find yourself in LA, do try.Then Natalie and I said goodbye to Madeline and headed over to Crossroads on Melrose, which is where Natalie usually shops and sells. We said hi to Kerrie, the manager, and then we dug in. The store was stacked with insane-o  finds for the picking. Natalie’s first two were a cream lace dress and this acid wash mini by Wildfox Couture. Natalie’s jaw pretty much hit the floor when I handed it to her. I love seeing people happy with their finds, so that was a treat enough for me!An hour later we both emerged triumphant. Natalie’s haul included that Wildfox skirt, the cream dress, off white lace shorts, a Chanel-esque tweet moto jacket (worn here), and a very Alexander Wang-like mini skirt by Sandro (worn here). If you’re wondering, here’s Natalie’s outfit for the day in its full glory. When we finished up at Crossroads, Natalie asked me what I was doing for the rest of the day, and I honestly didn’t have any plans. So, we kept hangin’, and like the two San Franciscans we are, we decided to head to Venice Beach. What can I say? I’ve never spent too much time in LA and Natalie is fairly new to it, so it is pretty a novel spot for us.After a brief stroll down the boardwalk, we kicked off our heels and walked straight through the sand to watch the most surreal sunset on Venice Beach. Someone in in the distance played the guitar.

When it got dark, we got hungry again, and found a Mediterranean-American fusion place called Cairo Cowboy that served great burgers and awesome sauce (really!).
We took one last stroll down the boardwalk, this time in search of milk shakes, and though we didn’t find them,  we ended up sitting on the steps of a Venice Beach hotel lined with blue Christmas lights, chatting with a nice dude wearing a hat reminiscent of Indiana Jones and speaking with a soft French accent. Not a shabby way to end the night before getting back on the freeway to La-La land.

Images by us, via our Instagram, and via Natalie’s Instagram

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