Look of the Week: Over-the-Knee Socks

If you’ve mentally archived over-the-knee socks into your ’90s file (Hello, Cher from Clueless), it’s time to rethink what this sassier version of the knee sock can do for your closet.

Bonnie of Flashes of Style–and one of our Style Council members–double-downed on her hosiery by wearing OTK socks over tights. This is a great trick to extend the life of your shorts into chillier temps.

Oh, and her perfect clogs? A Crossroads find, of course!

flashes of style

flashes of style 2

Need more OTK inspiration? Take a gander at these gams…

kate winsy

over the knee



over the knee socks

deborah harry

Photo credits: Flashes of Style, Kate Winsy, Fashion Network Association, Mon Monologue, The Pretty Dish, So If the Shoe Fits, DuJour

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