trendspotting: go for gold

metallic gold trend kate mossWhether you want to wear it or carry it, metallic gold accents are illuminating fall fashion.

Wearing a slinky tank under your black blazer like Kate Moss is perfect for going out. Or sling a shining carry-all over your arm with neutral looks. Just remember, keeping an outfit understated is best if you’re going to add any metallic piece to the mix, like this warm Botkier bag at Wicker Park Chicago.

So are you swooning for the golden glow? Share your thoughts in the comment section and you could be the next winner of our weekly $25 gift certificate giveaway.

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  1. It’s amazing how just a touch of gold brings an outfit together. Definitely will be incorporating some of that gold into my fall wardrobe!

  2. I like it if it’s a soft gold. And antique/vintage gold jewelry can also be an awesome addition piece!

  3. Love this look.. ohhhh soooo good..

  4. I love gold! haha
    Gold goes with tons of colors. I love a splash of gold with tans, dusty rose and army green this fall. Verses gold traditional paired with black.

    • Good point! Tans and other neutrals besides black are everywhere lately and gold would look soo great with an army jacket – plus it’d add a touch of softer femininity to it.

  5. I’m not a fan of gold bags but gold tanks and gold jewelry are so hot! loves it. Dressing up in Fall/Winter is always fun!

  6. So pretty but definitely in moderation! I’ve seen people with gold dust all over their faces at clubs…not cute.

  7. Jessica Bernardini says:

    Three Kate’s all wearing gold… The gold gives the outfits some pop without over powering the entire get-up. The fabric on that long tank makes the gold look rocker glam.

  8. One reason I think gold/metallic works so well is that it complements the black standard. Black outfits always work, and metallic adds a trim that can project attributes like being flashy, wealthy, fashion-forward, bold.

    Also, men can get away with this application as well, which makes it a WIN.

  9. caitie clancey says:

    that bag is so great! i wish i lived in chicago so i could go get it. loving the metallic A LOT!

  10. i love gold with gold clothing to match. it’s so good it’s golden.

  11. Cheesy, imo

  12. a touch of metallic is always a plus, when used in moderation it is usually a show stopper!

  13. Metallic is the way to go. If you don’t want to do too much, then just use a little gold eyeshadow or gold jewelry to complete a cute outfit.

  14. its funny I didnt used to like gold accents at first but eventually they grew on me and now I love to touch up my ensembles with little hints of gold!

  15. I’m not sure about metallic tops, but I love metallic accessories! (Especially Kate Bosworth’s chain link bag)

  16. Classy look- less is more with this trend!

  17. I think the gold looks great as long as you don’t over do it.

  18. I love the Botkier bag!! I think the metallic gold perfectly fits the fall colors. It can sometimes turns your outfit to a diva look.

  19. Amanda Tonar says:

    If done right….gold shirts/accessories are nice.

  20. i like metallic accessories more then tops

  21. i’m very subtle when it comes to anything shiny or eye catching. i love it but not on me. happy autumn :)

  22. Crystle-Day says:

    I love gold! I am allergic to metals so gold is my only option but i never minded 😉 I tender i enjoy warmer tones when it comes to accent metallics. That bag and top are perfect!

  23. that dress is amazing!!

  24. I’ve seen people with metallic gold or silver nails that look cool.

  25. Black and gold are my best friends – nothing feels more glamorous!

  26. Sara Cadena says:

    Gold is one of my best accessories! it goes with so much! just a little of gold in your outfit can make so much of a difference! its a trend i love to wear especially for fall

  27. I’ve always been a fan of gold. It can be worn at any given season and what’s great about this bag is that you can rock it casually or with a dress. Guaranteed to look fabulous and confident!

  28. the featured bag looks great! it has just the right amount of shine.

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