new arrivals: spring dresses and skirts

With London Fashion Week wrapping up and Las Vegas Market Week here, my mind’s swimming with spring fashion inspiration. You’ll be sure to follow suit when you see a sampling of some of the newest spring items hitting our stores right now.

spring prints 034Abstract Floral Shift Dress, $32.50 

spring prints 002Black and White Column Dress, $35

spring prints 042Tile Print Maxi Skirt with High Slit, $25

spring prints 017Square Print Pencil Skirt, $26.50

All items are in stores now! But if you’s rather shop from home, check out our online shop!

About Samantha

Samantha has long been a lover of fashion, art and travel. A chameleon of style, she loves experimenting with color and challenges each day to inspire her next great outfit. Currently, if there is one thing Samantha enjoys more than the art of fashion--it is the art of eating well.


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