Re-Style Your Fourth

Independence Day is coming up quick, so it’s time to strategize: what are you going to wear? Here’s a rundown of my favorite holiday weekend looks… Get ready to re-style your Fourth!


Cut-out ankle booties are so, so much better than wearing flip flops with cut-offs, don’t you agree?

One of our very own Crossroads Style Council members, Bethany of Snakes Nest, has inspired the foundation for my Independence Day outfit. (1) She has on quite possibly the best pair of cut-out bootiesever. (2) Extra points for wearing them with cut-off denim shorts. (3) Plus, I love how she’s paired a nicer top with cut-offs. It’s unexpected and kind of dresses up the look without trying too hard.

If black booties just aren’t summer-y enough for you, try them woven. These Jeffrey Campbells are from last year, but I’d still kill for them…


Denim cut-offs are just as necessary to the 4th of July as fireworks. And for a little change, I’m loving this super easy styling trick I’ve been seeing lately… roll your cutoffs once or twice so you can still see a little fray peeking out.


Although I just can’t get on board with the return of 90’s jeans (flattering on .0001% of the population), I love the idea of pairing a nice button-up blouse with destroyed denim shorts.

So we’ve covered white and blue with a white blouse and blue denim, and we’re accessorizing with black. So here’s the pop of red that will make this outfit fireworks-ready:


Yes, lipstick is part of your outfit. It may seem like patriotic nail art would be a gimme, but I can’t in good conscience recommend that. During my most recent pedicure, I was coerced into getting nail art, and now my toes look like they belong to Wonder Woman. So stick with the red lips, OK?

Photo credits: Snakes Nest, The Good FashionistaSartorial FlairMisses Dressy, Stud-Center

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