What the fashion, Oscar?

michelle obama mcqueen oscar de la renta

Let’s review the facts:

Michelle Obama wore an Alexander McQueen gown to some fancy event.
Oscar de la Renta (and now Diane Von Furstenberg!) has expressed “disappointment not to be represented for this major state dinner.”

Alright, I get why you’re bummed out but we weren’t invited either – it’s okay. And while it might not be fact, a lot of people think MObama looked absolutely stunning, so what’s the big deal?

Ohhh, she was supposed to represent an American designer. Well, didn’t she wear Jason Wu to that thing called the Inaugural Ball and put his name on the map? Or what about that time she made J. Crew explode back into popularity?

Oh I see, you have your fingers in your ears and you’re not listening. Well that’s mature…

And this might not be fact either, but we like what Michelle Obama wears because she wears what she wants – so quit acting like Oscar the Grouch! After all, being catty is really unflattering.

Crossroads Wants to Know…

What in the world – or out of this world – happened at the Grammys on Sunday? Really. I am so confused.

It’s one thing when Lady Gaga decides to wear the rings of Saturn but when FashionIndie tweeted “The black eyed peas look like rejected X-Men,” I cracked up so  hard I almost dropped my iPhone. Mean but genius. Sad but true.

So now it’s come to this: Name That Superhero. Go for it, unleash your wit upon the glittering unitards and wannabe meringues, so at least one day we can all look back on this and laugh.


Bonus round: Not the Grammys; not even halfway human: Kelis, brings all the lagoon creatures to the yard.

Crossroads Loves: A Good Laugh

2009 was an intense year for fashion. Luxury labels suffered and some sadly shuttered, armadillo shoes walked the runway, and Lady Gaga exploded (not literally, but sort of almost). Luckily, it was also filled with lighthearted moments and, well…a lot of randomness.

So thanks, designers, for being human and hilarious. This post is dedicated to all of you for being who you are, but in the spirit of the upcoming award’s season, the final winners are:

5. Marc Jacobs and his weird way of finally explaining both his tattoos and his extreme body makeover in six words.

4. Alexander Wang’s skeavy genius.

3. Stefano Gabbana’s…umm…diet?

2. Alexander McQueen’s insistence on being creepy at all hours of the night.

And lastly,

1. Christian Siriano’s mission statement for, apparently, his whole public persona. Now that’s dedication to your craft.


PS: Our Twitter might not be as entertaining as these designers’ updates but we can guarantee it’s filled with scoops on incredible designer items in stores. Follow us and see for yourself: We might even throw in a ‘yay’ or two ourselves.

Crossroads Loves: Bikes & Stripes

The Crossroads lunch table is always stacked high with fashion glossies and criss-crossed with conversation. But in between it all, as soon as I saw this Harper’s Bazaar editorial, I was pretty well speechless.

The summery spread combines everything I crave right now. Sunshine and warmth to start, but also tall wedges, heaps of baubles, and breezy cool separates. Throw in a stylish green factor with retro bicycles and I’m completely sold! In fact, it’s a good thing the gorgeous Arlenis Sosa has such a winning smile, otherwise I’d be in a jealous rage.

As for now, I’ll just content myself with knowing that I totally called the nautical trend back in December ’09. So whose pedaling in the fast lane now, Harper’s? Our Irving St. Crossroads team, that’s who!


PS: Not content for your high fashion to live on the page? Me neither! That’s why you should join us at Irving St. on January 16th for special designer racks filled with Alexander McQueen, Marni, Sergio Rossi, Ferragamo, Burberry and oh so much more from 11-2pm.