Current Obsessions: Crack Pie + Chanel Sunnies

1. Pencil Skirts. In my quest to keep loving the midi skirt despite seasons and shifts in trends, I’ve been experimenting with some new shapes while trying to keep that same length. The pencil skirt is the newest addition to my closet. An office-friendly but body-con version of my free flowing midis, the pencil skirt transfers from day to night and work to play quite easily, as displayed by Refinery29.

2. Beck Interviewed by Thurston Moore, 1994. In probably the most epic interview of the 90s containing two icons from the 90s, Thurston Moore asks Beck what his real name is and Beck responds by throwing his shoe at the wall. This interview is a lot “like surfing in some oil spillage.”

3. Pink Chanel Sunglasses. Something I’ve learned from being here in NYC for the week is that it’s important to always put your best face forward…especially during fashion week. Pink Chanel sunnies would definitely help anyone with that.

Chanel, $140 at Arden Way Crossroads

4. Momofuku Milk Bar. All the New Yorker rumors are true. When it comes to eating pie in NYC, Momofuku Milk Bar takes the cake. If you’re around, be sure to try the crack pie (no, really), fried apple soft serve and the compost cookie. The key word is “and” not “or.” You’re going to need at least one of each.

5. 99 Designers Share Their Fall 2012 Inspirations. In what may be the coolest Cut feature ever, 99 designers were asked to share their inspiration for their fall 2012 lines with one image and one word. Apparently we’ll be seeing a lot of prints, textures and a variety of styles. I am beyond excited.

Images via Refinery29, Serious Eats, The Cut