Crossroads Wants to Know: Which Style Do You Like?

Johnny Depp was perfect for the part of Jack Sparrow with his bohemian style…or was Jack Sparrow perfect for him?

Personal life aside, Jude Law is always looking quite dapper. Stylish but never overstyled, the Jude look is classic but with an urban twist.

While he definitely has his own fashion missteps, a clean-shaven Brad Pitt embodies the image of clean cut. Sunglasses and a crisp white shirt? Classic.

Kurt, please don’t hate me for calling your clothing a “style.” I know grunge came to exist for all reasons besides fashion…but a lot of people thought you looked great! Unwashed hair optional.

When exactly Jared Leto turned into what he is now is hard to pin-point; maybe because his style was so unremarkable before. Now rocked out, Leto’s finally hit his style stride.


In a world where many guys wear basketball shorts on a daily basis, I think we can all take a moment to appreciate any man who puts some sort of effort into his dress, regardless of whether its to our tastes. In honor of Man Month, I rounded up a few celebrities with styles distinct enough to at least point a finger at. So now we’re wondering – which style do you like? Guys, do you like your plainĀ  white tees? Ladies, do you prefer the grunge look or a more dapper Jude Law-like style? Let’s hear it!