Fashion Forward First Ladies

Sure, the President’s Day holiday was a great way to honor past and present leaders, but how about a shout-out to their leading ladies? These powerful women are hostesses to the world, and first lady fashion has long been a topic of discussion and debate.

At the top of our fashionable first ladies list is Michelle Obama, who makes us swoon with her glamorous yet relatable high-low style. Here she is making a $34.95 H&M dress look positively regal.

If you’re a Mrs. O fashion fan, you’ll find yourself in excellent company at Mrs. O, the original blog devoted to the fashion and style of Michelle Obama.

Mrs. Obama isn’t the first to wow the public with her style. A brief look through First Lady history points to other sartorial superstars, including Mary Todd Lincoln. Don’t believe us? See the stylish looks of Dolley Madison, Frances Cleveland and Grace Coolidge here.

And it would be just plain wrong to overlook the world’s newest leading-lady, Kate Middleton. Across the pond, she is doing her part to keep the fashion world watching, as evidenced in her Vogue U.K. Style File. We can hardly wait to see what direction she goes with her soon-to-be-iconic wedding dress.

Thank You, Ladies!

What the fashion, Oscar?

michelle obama mcqueen oscar de la renta

Let’s review the facts:

Michelle Obama wore an Alexander McQueen gown to some fancy event.
Oscar de la Renta (and now Diane Von Furstenberg!) has expressed “disappointment not to be represented for this major state dinner.”

Alright, I get why you’re bummed out but we weren’t invited either – it’s okay. And while it might not be fact, a lot of people think MObama looked absolutely stunning, so what’s the big deal?

Ohhh, she was supposed to represent an American designer. Well, didn’t she wear Jason Wu to that thing called the Inaugural Ball and put his name on the map? Or what about that time she made J. Crew explode back into popularity?

Oh I see, you have your fingers in your ears and you’re not listening. Well that’s mature…

And this might not be fact either, but we like what Michelle Obama wears because she wears what she wants – so quit acting like Oscar the Grouch! After all, being catty is really unflattering.