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gucci chanel designer bags

Are you craving Gucci’s canvas-and-leather or the classic C’s of Chanel? Or maybe you think logo-looks are passé. Better yet: How about you just make off with both a la Paris?

No matter what you think, let us know with a blog comment for your chance at a $25 gift certificate. We’re picking a winner on Friday so make sure you get your two cents in by then…in case you’re too busy drooling over these at University Way Seattle.


Romeo & Juliet, Required Reading

Leggings, leggings and more leggings.  They’re ridiculously comfortable, versatile, and with styles like these, extremely stylish too.

There are plenty of reasons why they refuse to fade from the fashion scene so don’t settle for basic leggings anymore. Trendsetters have been smoothly striding around just about everywhere in embellished or slashed versions so it’s time to get more serious with your love affair.

Enter these new Romeo & Juliet leggings that are unbelievably soft while also being super stretchy and durable. And at $25 a pair, make sure you act fast to avoid tragedy: They’ll be in all Crossroads stores later next week.


*except our outlet store in Stockton.