Crossroads Style: Hilary Duff & Leighton Meester

hilary duff leighton meester button up true religion

Depending where you live, fall could mean pulling on your jeans again or…just wearing what you’ve been wearing all summer. Either way, your wardrobe needs a button-up shirt or two.

We love the belted outfit Hilary Duff wears and Leighton Meester goes oversize for a casual shirt-dress. Our Wicker Park Chicago team pulled out a fun detailed version, plus everything else you’d need to go with it for a little style inspiration no matter what weather you’re dressing for.

Trendspotting: Spring Denim

celebrity photos via Just Jared

Ready for spring break? A break in general? We know the feeling.

Luckily, nothing is more stress-free then pairing your separates with jeans, and this season casual denim everything is a huge trend. Zoe Kravitz, Alexa Chung, and Nicky Hilton are all enviously laid-back in the look so our Santa Cruz team picked a few spring denim pieces of their own to show off in the sun.

Okay, so now you’re reallllly ready, right?


The Shirtdress

Q: I am looking for the simplest form of dressing in the morning, maybe something I could make my “uniform.”  What do you suggest?

A:  It doesn’t get any easier than a shirtdress.  No need to find a top and bottom that match; just button and go! 

On those days when you think you can squeeze in 30 more seconds of dressing time, add a necklace, belt or sweater.  You choose.  Any of them will add just a touch of polish. 

Nobody will know you were in bed just ten minutes before you left for work.

Try one of these shirtdresses below. They are expected in Crossroads stores next week.*

Dresses by Fire, $22.50: Green necklace, $12.00; Bow necklace $8.50 (Necklaces expected in stores late next week).

*Dresses are not available at our outlet store in Stockton.