Wearing White

Q: My best friend is a stickler for fashion rules and insists that I can’t wear white until after Memorial Day.  What do you think?

A: It’s great that your friend is looking out for you, but the modern rules of fashion aren’t so strict.  I sported my white shorts in Zihuatanejo this past December and never thought twice about it.  I think that white works best when the weather calls for it, so if you’re lucky enough to enjoy a warm sunny day in mid-March, by all means, throw on some white!

I recommend pairing white with something extra bright (like turquoise) or something in a soft color (like heather gray).  The tops below are great examples.   Can’t you see yourself enjoying a gimlet in that yellow top, white jeans and silver sandals, after shopping all afternoon for Jonathan Adler pillows on Santa Monica’s Montana Ave.? I sure can.  In fact, I’m making my reservation at The Ivy right now…

These tops start arriving in Crossroads stores next week.*


All merchandise is new.  Both tops by Wednesday, $18.50.  Peacock clip, $7 (Shipping to stores March 11); Silver necklace, $8.50 (Shipping to stores March 11).

*Except for our outlet store in Stockton.