Trendspotting: Sneaker Wedges

It’s no secret that comfort isn’t exactly at the heart of fashion. Sweat pants will always be more comfortable than skirts, jeans always more comfortable than trousers. But every so often, comfort and fashion collide, and when they do, we find it so hard not to oblige.

This time, we’re putting our feet first. A new trend taking the streets thanks to their comfort and their chic-factor, sneaker wedges could just be your feet’s newest friends. We’re not saying you should ditch your nice heels or casual flats altogether. Sneaker wedges have the best of both worlds – comfortable and casual, but thanks to that stylish wedge, more worthy of the world than the weight room. So what’s your take? Would you wear sneaker wedges?


Images via Zanita, Fash Weekly, Gratitude Tree, Smack Water Music

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