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25 Awesome Places to Shop in your 20s and 30s

By Jessica Misener. Feeling too old for Forever 21 but too young for Ann Taylor pantsuits? Here’s a guide to some great clothing stores aimed at people just like you.

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The 11 Best Vintage Stores In San Francisco

By Jay Barmann. SFist thinks Crossroads is pretty much the best place to find worn-in jeans that won’t cost a mint, ironic t-shirts, and the occasional, perfectly fitted light jacket — of which you can never have too many in this town.

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Fall Fashion on a Budget at Crossroads Trading Co.

By Lisa Arnett. RedEye tagged along with columnist Lauren Krause to trade in out-of-season closet finds for some wallet-friendly fall fashion items at Crossroads Trading Company. Check out what they found!

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Best Vintage Stores in Sacramento.

By Andy Soto. Sacramento is home to some fine vintage clothing stores. The following stores are guaranteed to lead you to some treasures deserving of a spot in your closet…

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Thrifting Thursday Thrift Advice

By Kim Holcomb. Stylist Darcy Camden shows King 5 news her favorite shop, Crossroads on Capitol Hill in Seattle and shares her “resale rules.”

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Heidy Best’s Wicker Park Picks

By Elle Eichinger. With Chicago in the midst of party season, Michigan Avenue Magazine turned to Chicago stylist Heidy Best to talk fashion and favorites in her Wicker Park neighborhood
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Get cash for your gently used designer clothing, rusty fridge and recycle dead computers at these Chicago companies.

By Francesca Robin. If you’ve outgrown the look of that Burberry jacket (and you only wore it twice, anyway), or you’re planning a closet-cleaning marathon to make room for a revamped wardrobe, consider trading or selling those fashionista gems at Crossroads Trading Company…..

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Find Bargains, Save Money by Buying Used

By Ric Romero. How would you like to buy top-name designer fashion wear, handbags and shoes up to 90 percent off retail? Crossroads Trading Company, a pre-owned clothing chain, has those kinds of deals…

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Top Shops! 50 Best Boutiques in the Bay

By R29 Staff. If you’re as crazy about thrifting as we are, then hitting up local consignment chain Crossroads is already a big part of your shopping rotation….

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CTC Daily Washinton

This Not That: Crossroads Trading Co.

By Olivia Sullivan. When it comes to ridding wardrobes of old clothes, these “buy-sell-trade” stores are a good way to restock that newly emptied wardrobe. Because Crossroads will buy more styles and will sell clothes at a lower price, sellers are able to trade in more old clothing and get more new items in return — making Crossroads the partner in my closet transformation…

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12 Hours in Brooklyn: Williamsburg

By Meredith Olson. Yes, thrift stores are big in Brooklyn, and many of them are good. But the worst part about so many of them? They can’t shake the smell of an old mothball-y gym bag. Not so in Crossroads Trading Co., which in addition to smelling normal, has a great selection of thrifted clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry, as well as new items that were overproduced or undersold. They are selective in their buying, and have an oft-rotated collection of designer threads (Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Stella McCartney, Miu Miu, etc.) hanging high on the walls, presumably to encourage drooling. …

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6 Fall Looks, Straight From Refinery 29’s SF Editors

By Angela Tafoya, Katie Hintz-Zambrano. Refinery 29 San Francisco’s style editors give you the 411 on their personal-style habits, favorite local haunts, and name Crossroads as their hands-down, most-frequented shop…

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Fashion at a Crossroads

By Jennifer Torres. Lebrado Madrazo, manager of the Stockton outlet of Crossroads Trading Co., 5756 Pacific Avenue, No. 26, finds working at a store that sells mostly second-hand items has influenced his fashion approach…
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 (this article appeared September 16, 2012 in the Stockton Record)

New to You: Where to Shop for Quality Consignment

By Elise Proulx. Resale, consignment, vintage … whatever term you use, it can mean amazing deals on clothes both new(ish) and vintage. From pristine 1920s party dresses to Forever 21 T-shirts circa early-2012, here are some of the best spots around to score sartorial points…
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(this article appeared September/October 2012 in Oakland Magazine)

Finding Your Sartorial Soulmate at a Consignment Store

By Andrew Sean Greer.  His name is Brian, the man whose clothes I’m wearing. Well at least, that’s what we call him. I will probably never know his real name, but I know when he’s sold his clothes to the Crossroads at Church and Market streets… 
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(this article appeared September 5, 2012 in 7×7 Magazine)

Frank’s Comprehensive Guide To Spring Cleaning Your Closet, in Five Easy Piles

By Frank Gargione.The time has come to refresh that wardrobe. Purging ragged and ill-fitting items that clog up your closet and make getting dressed frustrating can be cleansing. And, hey, anytime you get rid of anything, you can run right out and replace it with something new—and what’s more fun than that? Read full article (this article appeared April 27, 2012 on

At the Crossroads… Trading Co.

By Courtney Jacquin.  Buying clothes on a college student’s budget isn’t easy, if there is even a budget for clothes. Fortunately, Crossroads Trading Company makes it a lot easier…  Read full article 
(this article appeared April 13, 2012 in The DePaulia, student newspaper of De Paul University)