We’re Mad About Stripes

It’s really that simple. We love stripes and want to know one thing: how do you style your stripes? Miranda Valentine of Everything Sounds Better in French introduced us to the nautical-girly look a few weeks ago. Do you like Late Afternoon’s bright red stripes, a traffic-stopping striped dress, or more subtle slim stripes worn under a sweater? And what about B. Jones Style’s fearless color blocking or Brooklyn Blonde’s pattern mixing?  For a chance to win  a $100 gift certificate, show us your stripes! Either upload a photo to our Facebook page or try a YouTube video instead.

Also, our comment contest is still going full speed. Just comment on any blog post and you’ll be entered to win a $25 gift certificate. There’s a new winner selected every week!


Photos via Late Afternoon, The Style Manual, Brooklyn Blonde, Song of Style, Eat Sleep Wear, Sarah Jehan, Fashion Distraction, and Vanessa Jackman

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I'm a recycled fashion enthusiast, as well as the official Crossroads Trading blogger. I have a penchant for cameras, pumpkin flavored-anything, midi skirts, throwback TV shows, music festivals, and beaches.


  1. fiona riddle says:

    I love stripes too!

  2. i tend to be scared of stripes but these looks are great

  3. Jennifer says:

    obsessed with stripes!

  4. hazel dv says:

    will you choose the winner? or it has the criteria?

  5. Denisha says:

    i love stripes as well, i own a lot of stripe tops

  6. These stripes are grrrrreat, I LOOOVE B. Jones’ color block stripe look. I just scored a long striped multi color H+M dress from the Shattuck store and can’t wait to enter it!

  7. Megan McCarthy says:

    I’ve never met a striped garment that I didn’t like!!! I’m glad that they are a trend now so that there are more out there. Love love love stripes!

  8. Kellisa M. says:

    LOVE stripes! I love that I can find so many awesome striped clothing pieces right now!

  9. hazel dv says:

    is it open worldwide?

  10. i love stripe

  11. Guy Lau says:

    Go stripes!

  12. tammy tang says:

    Stripes as a top makes my rack look awesome!

  13. Christine Pradt says:

    I like the nautical stripes!

  14. I’ve always gravitated towards stripes. not sure what it is but they are cool!

  15. I’ve always been a fan of stripes. Only ones with symetry and not too fat.

  16. Cassandra says:

    The stripes are a hot summer statement! :)

  17. Love the first look and the boy in suspenders! I’m gonna get on this contest for sure!

  18. I have been obsessed with finding the perfect french navy boat neck striped shirt for months now!

  19. Stripes are back in full force AND rocking the sailor inspired in allof us. Finally fun flirtly summer atire back in style!

  20. Stripes can be cute if worn in the right way. I love the 3rd outfit though, I would totally wear that myself!

  21. It’s been a huge challenge for me to STOP buying stripes! Every striped item I pass while shopping, I pick up and have to force myself to put back- MY CLOSET IS CURRENTLY A STRIPE-FEST! Love this trend, and love the nautical looks for summer!!

  22. definitely been wearing more stripes lately!

  23. I love stripes! I love the nautical look they can give in blue or red. The only problem I have with them personally is on tighter outfits. Bigger stripes on tighter fitting clothes can make you look wider :/

    I am constantly in search of a black and white verticle striped fitted dress. I saw someone wearing one once at the mall and fell in love, but havent seen any since.

  24. I LOVE stripes!

  25. These stripes are taking me back to the 80s! If I’d just waited another 5 years before cleaning out my closet I’d be sporting, hey wait, I think that was my dress I just saw at Crossroads!

  26. i love stripes!

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