What to Wear: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day: you either love or dread its arrival each year. Whether you love love or think V Day is just a commercialized holiday fueled by Hallmark, chocolatiers and florists, remember this: Valentine’s Day is a fantastic excuse to dress up. But what to wear? I say throw caution to the wind and embrace V Day–pink, red, lace–all of it. Take a cue from a bonafide guru of romantic style, Kathleen of Inspirafashion and a member of the Crossroads Style Council. valentines day lace dressvalentines day lace dress This girl’s got moxy. Not only is she wearing a lace dress, but it’s a red lace dress–and she’s wearing it with OTK boots. So why doesn’t she look like Pretty Woman? One word: balance. The red lace is balanced by the demure neckline and 3/4 length sleeves. And her boots may be OTK, but they’re not stiletto. Finally, she added a loose-fitting vintage coat and a floppy hat to balance the deep red color and flirty hemline. Pro status. Crossroads online shop has some great pieces for a romantic night out, and our stores have plenty of gems, too. So tell me, what are you wearing for Valentine’s Day? Crossroads burgundy dressCrossroads black lace dresscrossroads burgundy midi skirt Photo credits: Inspirafashion

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Amber has been obsessed with fashion since she was nine years old--when she got a pair of white pointy boots with silver studs and beaded tassels. She's been collecting shoes (and bags and hats and jeans...) ever since. Now she's a writer and a mom, and she often takes her toddler shopping with her, rocking out to Raffi songs along the way.

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