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August 1st, 2017 by Jennifer Beile 4 Tips For Developing Your Style Uniform

I love when my closet is just right, that rare time that I love and am inspired by the entirety of my wardrobe. But even then, I tend to wear the same types of outfits over and over. I grab my jeans, a tee and my scuffed up ankle booties and I just feel like myself.

Developing a personal uniform sounds simple enough, but if your style consists of a huge range (I am a true jeans and tee girl, but I love a great bohemian dress and giant brimmed hat!) it can be challenging to find a go-to that suits you every single time.

Take a look at my four simple tips for developing your own style uniform!


style uniform

1. Consider your lifestyle.
Running around town all day versus sitting at an office desk definitely require different types of wardrobes. Your uniform should combine style and functionality.


style uniform

2. Peek into your closet.
Chances are that you already subconsciously stock up on your favorite pieces. Do you have an overabundance of striped button-downs or black tees? If you see a pattern in your wardrobe, you mostly likely already have the makings for a uniform.


Repeat Outfits That Make You Feel Best

3. Repeat outfit styles that make you feel your best.
A style uniform is all about being able to be you, easily and quickly. Do you feel the most comfortable and most like yourself in a tee and jeans? Or do you tend to feel most confident when you dress up a little? Either way, whatever makes you you should be your go-to uniform.


Quality vs Quantity

4. Go for quality versus quantity.
Invest in higher quality versions of whatever your signature style pieces are. Since they will be on a heavier rotation than other items in your closet, you will want quality pieces that will stand up to increased wear.


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