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April 17th, 2018 by Jennifer Beile 5 Benefits of Participating in a Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

A capsule wardrobe challenge dares you to create a small, curated wardrobe. The size and length of time you do it for is dependent on which challenge you choose to participate in. In the process, you learn to style and be creative with less, so that you can grow your personal style understanding and become appreciative of what you can do with a smaller wardrobe.

capsule wardrobe challenge

There are so many challenges you can participate in, but here are the two most popular and the gist of each:

Of course, you’re free to create your own challenge with your own designated amount of items and timeline. No matter how you decide to challenge yourself, remember that it’s not about the rules; it’s about having fun and seeing what you can do to challenge your style routine.

If you aren’t yet convinced to give a wardrobe challenge a shot, these five benefits you’ll experience may just do the trick!

1. Save Time in the Morning
When you’re able to see your entire wardrobe in one glance, and you have less to choose from in the morning, you’ll free up time for you to hit snooze one more time, finally eat breakfast before work, or get to the office just a little bit earlier!

2. Save Money
Even if you’re doing one of the shorter challenges, if it goes well and inspires you, there’s a good chance you’ll eventually have less of a desire to shop in the future, and you’ll appreciate what you can do with less.

3. Gain More Closet Space & Organization
Piggybacking on the idea that you’ll appreciate what you’re able to create with a smaller wardrobe, when you’re more selective in what you decide to add to your wardrobe in the future, you’ll inevitably free up some precious space that”ll help you to keep an organized closet.

4. Fuel Your Creativity
A capsule wardrobe challenge is one of my favorite ways to get rid of a wardrobe slump. You’re forced to be creative with less, weeding out unnecessary noise in your closet from pieces that haven’t been worn for a multitude of reasons: improper fit, nothing to pair it with, don’t know how to style it, etc.

5. Hone Your Personal Style
When creating your capsule wardrobe for a challenge, you will most likely end up choosing your favorite pieces. Learning how to remix your favorite pieces in ways that you hadn’t before will help you to hone in on your personal style. Forget about trends you felt pressured to try or basics you bought just because they’re easy—a capsule wardrobe forces you to select only the pieces you feel best in! You will eventually have a wardrobe of carefully selected pieces that speak specifically to your style.



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