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August 29th, 2017 by Jennifer Beile 5 Fashion Faux Pas That Became Trendy

Fashion is an outlet of expression, personal to everyone who puts thought and effort into the way they present themselves.

Yes, we love to follow trends, and we unfollow them after they have been deemed “over.” That is, of course, until they come back reinvented for the next era. And with those trends come fashion faux pas—style “mistakes” like wearing a wrinkly blouse or unfitted clothes. They can happen to anyone, and we’ve certainly looked back on some old trends as cringe-worthy. But more and more, it seems like we are saying goodbye to fashion that imposes rules on us about what we should wear.

Below, I’ve rounded up five fashion faux pas that have transcended fashion “rules” and become trendy!


1. Birkenstocks

faux pas

In the last few years, Birkenstocks somehow made the leap from unfashionable comfort shoe to “it girl” street style. These unassuming sandals can dress down many styles. Pair them with your favorite dress, denim, or trousers for a day out.


2. Fanny packs

Fanny Packs

No longer just for your dad on vacation, fanny packs are in style and have gone through a modern makeover. A fanny pack or purse belt is a fashionable alternative to a handbag when you’re on the go.


3.Mom jeans

Mom Jeans

Never mind the nickname—these aren’t your mom’s mom jeans! Natural waist, light-wash denim is back in style and giving our skinny jeans a breather. Bonus points if you can actually find a pair of vintage Levi’s 501s!


4. White after Labor Day 

White After Labor Day

No need to put away your white clothing at the end of the summer! White is one of the hottest colors for the colder months.


5. Thrifted & Non-Label Clothing

When I was growing up, it was not trendy to wear secondhand or non-label clothing. Luckily for our wallets and our creativity, today it’s widespread, and we have plenty of secondhand options to shop and feed our individual style. I love seeing what other thrifters—like Beth in her thrift challenge video belowcan find!



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