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May 6th, 2019 by Samantha Furno 5 Refreshing Hues for Spring

Neutrals and pastels are always great go-to’s for spring, but there are a handful of trending, bold colors that are popping up in the fashion world this season and now is the perfect time to freshen up your wardrobe with these vibrant hues! In the past there have been certain “rules” to mind when it comes to incorporating bold colors into our wardrobes, but spring 2019 has proven those guidelines to be a thing of the past! From vibrant, jungle-esque greens to oranges and yellows that look straight out of the produce section, spring 2019 is all about adding a bold and playful element to your style! I’ve rounded up some of our favorite, must-try hues that will instantly freshen up your spring looks!

Hot Pink

It may be one of the 80’s most nostalgic hues, but one thing is for certain, hot pink is certainly one of 2019’s hottest colors!
Hot pink hues on top.

Lime Green

One of the more refreshing tones of spring 19 is this soft yet bold, lime green hue! It’s one of those colors that will make any outfit pop, plus it is a breeze to wear with crisp white and classic black this season!
Woman wearing lime green.


Purple and it’s not so distant cousin, lavender, are right at the top of spring’s must-have color list! It’s an excellent hue for making any fit a bit more eye-catching this season!
Woman wearing purple pants.

Not-so-Mellow Yellow

Yellow has been on trend for quite some time (i.e. mustard was on the rage last fall/winter), but it is still a winning hue this spring and it is the perfect color for instantly cheering up your mood and outfit!
Woman wearing yellow denim hues.

Vibrant Orange

As someone who is a definite yellow fan, I can easily get on board with adding this hue to my spring line-up! Plus there are so many shades of this awesome color making it easy for anyone to try!
Woman wearing monochromatic orange outfit.


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