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5 Thrifting Vloggers to Follow

YouTube has become the mecca for learning about, well basically anything you could ever need to know. In the last few years, bloggers have been branching out from the traditional blogger space and the written – er, typed – word and have begun creating original content on YouTube. You can find anything in the fashion world on YouTube, including but of course not limited to shopping hauls, beauty and style tutorials, closet and home organization, and shopping videos. Lately, I have been mesmerized by thrift shopping and haul videos to inspire my own thrifting trips. I posted a list of my favorite thrifting vloggers back in 2016 and because there has been so much expansion on YouTube, I’m adding some channels to my recommendations! Take a look at my current favorite thrifting vloggers to follow!

B. Jones Style, Beth

We all know and love Beth and to be honest, she will always be my favorite thrifting vlogger! Beth has such a wide range and whimsical style and can literally wear anything and look fabulous! I always look forward to Beth taking us along on her thrifting trips and then showing us how she styles her finds with existing wardrobe items.

Alexa Sunshine83, Alexa

Alexa is a natural born thrifter! Alexa shares shopping videos, hauls, thrifting tips, and even thrifted outfit lookbooks. I totally feel like we are constantly on the same thrifting wavelength!

Tasha Leelyn, Tasha

I adore how down to earth and real Tasha is in her videos. During her shopping videos, she explains what she’s looking for, how she chooses what to try on, and why she likes or dislikes an item. She definitely seems like someone I can spend a day thrifting with!

Studio86, Bao and Sheng

The duo’s YouTube is like a fashion blog come to life. They take us shopping, create style lookbooks, beauty and style tips and more. I love watching the interaction between the two friends, how down to earth they are with each other and how they play up their individual styles.

Jessica Neistadt, Jessica

Jessica is another thrifting vlogger that I could see myself on a thrifting date with! She radiates enthusiasm and inspires me to keep trying whenever I have an off thrift trip.