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January 31st, 2017 by Jennifer Beile 5 Packing Tips for Stress-Free Travel-Planning

It’s that time of year again… We’re starting to think about our spring and summer travels, and while vacation-planning is exciting, packing can be daunting. Lets face it;  with clothing, toiletries, accessories, makeup and everything in between, it can be the most stressful part of traveling, especially if you’re a planner! To make sure you’ve got all your essentials without overloading your suitcase, I’ve created a list of packing tips that I use before every trip.


1. Create Outfits Ahead of Time
Instead of throwing in all of your favorite pieces and putting together your outfits during your vacation, create your outfits beforehand. You’ll save space and precious vacation time.

2. Roll, Don’t Fold
I have found that rolling my clothes is a more efficient space saver than folding. Don’t forget that you can use every single nook and cranny—roll small things like socks and underwear and stuff them into your shoes.

3. Carry On Your Essentials
Unfortunately, mistakes happen and luggage can be delayed or go missing. By packing all your essentials and favorites in your carry-on, you’ll still have what you absolutely need to get by even when travel mishaps occur.

4. Keep It Simple
We all love shoes and accessories, but these are the items that tend to take up the most room in your luggage and prove troublesome for packing. Depending on your vacation destination and activities, you may only need 2-3 pairs of shoes, max. Keep your accessories minimal—hats and jewelry are fun but take up valuable packing space.

5. Stay Organized
Make a list, and check it twice! Take time to research your destination’s weather reports and local activities, and make a list of items accordingly. A written list does wonders to simplify the packing process.


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