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August 6th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile 5 Trends to Retire This Fall & How to Replace Them

We all know that trends are cyclical, so it’s only natural that we reassess them as much as each new season because that is when we tend to update and clean out our wardrobe the most. There is nothing wrong with loving a trend so much that it becomes an everlasting staple in your rotation, just as there is nothing wrong with hopping on the bandwagon of a trend and abandoning it as soon as the novelty wears off.
As we head into fall, we are naturally seeing a turnover of trends and what’s going to be favored for the new season. It seems as though the most popular trends of the year are being set aside for updated versions and I must say that although I have been loving what we have seen this past year, it’s refreshing to see the updated styles for a new season.

Try Snakeskin Instead of Leopard Print

Leopard print has had a prominent revival this year, and not that we don’t love it, but the time has come to replace it with the newest animal print trend: snakeskin. This chic trend has slowly been outshining leopard print and is predicted to completely eclipse the summer trend come fall.
Woman wearing snakeskin blouse with blue denim for fall.

Give Your Skinnies a Break & Dive Into Bootcut Jeans

Skinny jeans will forever be a favorite go-to, but come fall we will be seeing bootcut jeans everywhere. They are perfect to pair with your favorite fall booties, no tucking or adjustments needed.
Woman wearing denim bootcut jeans with a blazer for fall.

Swap Pointed-Toe Footwear for Square Toe

Give your feet a bit more room by swapping out your well-loved pointed toe shows for chic square toe booties and flats.
Woman wearing khakis and boots outside for fall.

Trade Vibrant Coral For Cool Pistachio

Although it has been hailed as the color of the year, coral is swiftly being challenged by a must softer, yet still bold, pistachio color pallet.
Woman wearing pistachio-colored jacket and sunglasses.

Replace Your Bold Prints with Classic Prints

The tie-dye craze was cool for summer but come fall, we will be seeing more minimal and classic prints, like small, dark floral prints over louder prints.
Woman wearing black with a dark green jacket for fall inspiration.


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