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October 29th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile 5 Ways to Refresh Your Layering Techniques

‘Tis the season, for layering that is. Layering is an essential part of fall and winter dressing and it can get, quite frankly, a little boring with the repetition of the same cardigan or coat thrown over your otherwise carefully curated outfit. With a few simple tweaks to your typical layering routine, you’ll be able to refresh your fall and winter wardrobes without completely revamping your entire closet.

Double Up on Your Knitwear

Two sweaters are better, and warmer, than one. Double up on your knitwear for a cozy look in the frigid weather.
Woman layering two sweaters over one another with black purse.

Layer Your Cardigans & Coats

A cardigan under your coat is not only a simple way to add a layer of warmth, but also an opportunity to add additional color, texture, or print to an outfit.
Blogger layering a cardigan underneath an overcoat and denim.

Bring New Life to Your Favorite Dresses

Layer a long sleeve knit or a chunky sweater under your favorite dress or jumpsuit to breathe new life into the piece and take it from summer to winter.
Woman layering a patterned dress with tight long sleeve underneath

Invest in a Vest

Live in a climate with finicky weather? I’m looking at you, Cali! Opt for a vest instead of a coat for comfortable fall layering.
Man walking down the street with a vest over a sweater.

Don’t Underestimate Undergarments

Tights, socks, leggings, and thin long-sleeve t-shirts are an easy way to add an invisible layer of warmth under your outfit without having to change the look you’re attempting to achieve.
Woman wearing thermal turtleneck as a base layer with scarf and overcoat.


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