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January 24th, 2016 by Jennifer Beile Leggings as Pants: 5 Ways to Wear the Trend

Leggings have a special place in my heart and closet, but only recently have they become acceptable to wear as pants in the fashion world. It started with the athleisure trend; leggings were being worn as bottoms outside the house and without going to a gym. We then began seeing more and more high-quality leggings produced, ones thick enough to not show everything underneath! Now leggings as pants are trending and can be worn for so many occasions… and to be honest, I kind of love it! Check out some of my favorite ways to wear leggings as pants below.


1. Play Up the Athleisure Look


Wear a tee, bomber, and sneakers with your leggings for that cool girl street style look.

2. Leather is Better


Opt for a pair of leather leggings and dress them up with a blouse, jacket and heels.

3. Go Oversized


A general rule for wearing leggings is to make sure you’re covered up with a longer top. Although I’m here to tell you to break the rules (just make sure you have opaque leggings!), the oversized look is still flattering.

4. Keep it Trendy


Play up a funky trend on top with a statement coat, fun sweater, or colors and textures to keep your look current.

5. It’s All in the Details


Small details like ankle zippers, texture, and panels will up your leggings game.


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