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June 6th, 2016 by Melanie Sutrathada 7 Style Hacks to Beat the Heat This Summer

Temperatures are rising and it’s time to pull out your lightest sundresses, favorite bikini and trusty top knot. Something’s telling us that these coming months are going to be blazing.

In case you’re not lucky enough to be sitting poolside through August, here are our favorite style hacks to keep you cool all summer long.

style hacks

1. Go for natural fabrics. The materials are more breathable, will cause you to sweat less, and also dry faster. Jersey, linen and chambray are great choices.

2. Reach for light colors. They reflect the sun’s heat away from your body. Don’t even think about wearing head-to-toe black!

3. Opt for patterns instead of solids. Patterns hide sweat stains much easier.

4. Yellow sweat stains? No problem. Spray the not-so-pretty areas with lemon juice and throw them in the wash. They’ll be back to normal in no time.

5. Pick up a few long sleeves. They’ll protect your skin from the sun, which will keep you cooler by lowering your body temperature.

6. Rub a stick of deodorant on the sides of your feet to keep them from chafing when you go sockless. This one’s a red carpet favorite!

7. Rock looser-fitting clothes as opposed to cropped tops and short shorts. The tighter the fit, the warmer you’ll be. A flowing maxi will allow for better air circulation.



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