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November 28th, 2017 by Jennifer Beile Round Up: 7 Stylish Rainy Day Outfits

Whether it rains often where you live or once in a blue moon, it’s always a good idea to be prepared with some practical (and cute!) rainy day outfits. Rainy day outfits don’t have to be limited to rain boots and puffer jackets; it’s possible to dress appropriately for the wet weather while still staying stylish. Think trench coats, ankle boots, cute hats, and layers to keep warm and dry!

Below are some of my favorite outfit inspirations for rainy day weather!


Try an updated classic.
A classic raincoat looks modern and trendy when worn in rich, deep colors.


Top it off with a hat.

Keep dry and warm by topping off your outfit with your favorite winter hat.


Don’t forget the color!
Just because the sky is gray doesn’t mean your outfit has to be drab!


rainy day
Chunky knits never fail.
You can never go wrong with a chunky knit to keep you warm and cozy on a wet day.


Don’t be afraid of white.
You don’t have to stay away from white just because it’s drizzling. Cover up with a classic trench to stay dry!


Keep it simple.
It’s easy to be prepared for a rainy day when you have a cute jacket to throw over any simple outfit.


rainy day
Don’t be afraid of rain boots.
Dress like you would any normal day—just add some rain boots! There are more options than ever. Tall or ankle, rain boots help make any outfit practical for the rain.


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