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October 7th, 2019 by Samantha Furno A Preview of the Pantone Color Trends for Spring 2020

If you’re a fan of staying in line with certain trends like I am, then I bet you’ll be excited to hear that Pantone has finally released its color trends for spring 2020. Twelve youthful and friendly hues make up this spring color report. From a vibrant red hue, labeled Flame Scarlet, to a luscious and futuristic purple tone, known as Grape Compote, spring’s various trending hues are a fantastic way to liven up any outfit! It may be a bit early to start thinking about spring while we are just settling into the early fall season, but who says we can’t get a jumpstart on these color trends?! Here are some of my favorite Pantone hues from the report and some stylish ways that I’ve been seeing some these colors already being worn!

Coral Pink

Who says pastels are only for spring?! Playing around with a feminine hue like coral pink is the perfect way to add some femininity to a stylish fall outfit.
Woman wearing pantone coral pink overcoat.


A bit mellower than the yellows that were trending this past summer season, but perfect adding a little bit of warmth to your cooler weather looks!
Woman wearing Pantone sunlight cropped trousers with green cat heels.

Cinnamon Stick

This luxurious hue makes it easy to add a bit of spice to any wardrobe!
Woman wearing Pantone cinnamon stick-colored jumper.


Greens have been trending for a while, but this fresh hue is slightly more whimsical and equally as chic as your other favorite green hues.
Blogger wearing a chive-colored suit with flip flops.

Grape Compote

If you want to add an unexpected color to your outfit, then Grape Compote is just he hue for you!
Woman wearing Pantone grape boots with a patterned skirt.


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