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May 9, 2024 by Manoka Sarkar Sporty Classic 101: Explaining the Trend

With spring upon us and summer fast approaching, so also comes the renewal of our style guide, and with it, trends we’re predicting will carry us through the incoming heat like a Crossroads reusable tote bag.

Starting with perhaps the most prevalent trend at the moment, we have sporty classic. We’ve been seeing this trend popping up in current media, be it movies (Challengers, anyone?), the red carpet (our queen, Zendaya, for example, is eating this trend and leaving no crumbs), and all over our FYP’s. The buzz that this aesthetic is garnering, paired with the fact that most athletic wear comes in so clutch when our bodies are faced with the sweltering summer heat, makes sporty classic a spring and summer vibe that simply can’t be beat.

Like the name suggests, sporty classic is timeless, so while especially trendy in the warmer months, it’s a style that literally anyone can rock. Let’s break this trend down to some key components that we’re looking for in our stores.


Arguably the best part of this trend, it’s the quintessential summer shoe for those of us who prefer a shell-toe to a peep-toe. While we may be partial to a slimmer silhouette, don’t let that limit the possibilities of what you can find and add to your collection! Whether you’re more of a neutral New Balance fan or a colorful Sambas girlie, it’s undeniable that a good sneaker is necessary to any wardrobe.

sneakers on a shelf

Elevated Athletic Gear

Once “athleisure” entered our lexicon, it changed the game for us forever. Since then, we’ve seen the evolution of sportswear as fashion, which is exactly what we’re looking for with this trend. Fashion, function, and comfort? Yup, we don’t think it gets better than that.

woman in sporty classic look with soccer jersey and pleated skirt

Pleats and Looser Fits

The key to nailing this trend is perfecting the athletic and easygoing vibe that the look gives, which is why the silhouette is crucial. We love pleats for its allusions to the iconic fashions of tennis and golf, and loose fitting shorts for its effortlessness, especially in summer. To dive deeper–as well as see some examples on how to style them–check out our recent blog post about it.


woman in white tennis skirt and pink sweater

So there you have it: a complete breakdown on the trend you’re now an expert on. Congrats on that! We hope to see both our shoppers and our sellers this season rocking and selling your best sporty classic looks and pieces. See you in our stores!

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