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Selling Tutorial

5 Steps to Selling Your Clothes

It’s simple: we buy the great stuff in your closet that you don’t wear. Whether it’s the dress you love that doesn’t quite fit; the pants you keep meaning to get hemmed or a shirt that just isn’t your style, bring them to Crossroads for cash or trade credit.
womens sweater

Step 1

Keep It Current

Our shoppers are looking for on-trend, current styles. Check our Selling Guide to learn the trends our buyers are looking for today.


Step 2

Condition Counts

Like you, our customers are looking for items in excellent condition. When you’re deciding what to sell, make sure the buttons button, the zippers zip and that each item is clean and ready for a new owner.


Step 3

Bring It In or Mail It Off

Live near a Crossroads? Lucky you! Check our Store Locations page for hours and addresses. If we’re open, we’re buying! If you don’t have a store near you, request a postage-paid Sell By Mail bag.

Step 4

Sign In & Get Started

When you arrive at one of our stores, sign in at the Selling Counter. When it’s your turn, one of our buyers will walk you through the selling process. You can shop around while your items are being reviewed or stay and watch. Always feel free to ask questions! Bonus: download our app and you can check how many people are waiting to sell before you even leave home, and add your name to our waitlist remotely.

womens sweater

Step 5

Take Your Pick: Cash or Trade

Once the buyer has reviewed your items and selected items have been priced, you have the choice of receiving cash or trade credit on the spot.