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October 15th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile 5 Ways to Embrace the Monochromatic Trend

Matching from head to toe might give you flashbacks back to grade school when you were dressed in matching sets, typically including stretchy stirrup pants and some sort of sparkle detail on your top (please tell me what wasn’t just my childhood). This fall however a head-to-toe monochromatic look is a chic way to get through the season. Think of it as a capsule wardrobe made of easy-to-coordinate pieces. The thought of monochromatic outfits typically gets a bad rap because they are thought of as head to toe neutral looks, beige and boring. This season is all about color, coordinating different shades, and even going all-in on prints. It’s a no-effort, guaranteed stylish way of dressing that will wake up your creative juices and add variety to your wardrobe.
Here are some tips on how to embrace the monochromatic trend for this season.

Mix Textures & Tones

Mixing textures and tones of the same color will help break apart the separates in your outfit.
Model mixing orange textures for a monochromatic look.

Go For Bold Color

Monochrome isn’t just neutrals, play with bold color schemes, like cobalt blue or seasonal shades of orange and green hues.
Woman wearing different blue hues for monochromatic look.

Be Basic & Layer Neutrals

Or, take the basic route! Easily achieve this look with pieces already in your closet by dressing in all black or camel colors and embracing the ease and chicness of the trend.
Woman layering beige monochromatic neutrals

Don’t Be Afraid of Prints

Head to toe in the same print is a bold way to modernize this trend.
Woman walking down the street wearing animal prints.

Play With Accessories

Your shoes, bag, or jewelry can add interest to your monochrome look, like Aimee’s statement snakeskin boots, while still playing in the same color family.
Woman wearing browns and using accessories to accentuate outfit.

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October 14th, 2019 by Samantha Furno Step up Your Sweater Game with These Fun Knits

‘Tis the season of pumpkin spice everything, meaning it is the perfect time of year to trade in your casual tees for some cozy and chunky knit sweaters! Clearly one of fall’s go-to styles, sweaters are a fool-proof way to dress for the chillier months to come! You truly cannot go wrong with practically any sweater this time of year, but I am loving the fact that fall’s trending sweater styles are a bit more fashion-forward and daring! Mixing function with fashion, style gurus are wearing their sweaters in totally fresh ways and seem to be seeking out more unique styles this fall season. Take a look at some cozy options that have been on our radars!

Monochromatic Moment

One of the simplest and chicest ways to put together a look this season is by sticking to a single color palette. Plus, how good is this cinnamon hue for fall?!
Woman wearing break cable-knit sweater with brown bottoms.

Make it Fun

Channel the 70’s this fall in a colorful, patchwork inspired knit!
Woman wearing colorful patchwork sweater

Birds of a Feather

How do we feel about feathers? I am surprised to say that I am totally digging them, especially for adding some texture to a fall look!
Woman wearing green sweater with asymmetrical feather design.

Flirty & Cozy

Sweaters with a fun detail, like these knitted flowers, are a great way to keep things romantic, even when it is freezing out.
Woman wearing brown top with embroidered sweater.

Fashion Meets Function

Add some edge to your fall outfits in an instant with a cozy sweater with an unexpected cut-out or some added hardware!
Woman wearing a function-oriented sweater with shoulder strap.

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October 3rd, 2019 by Jennifer Beile The Essential Fall Piece that Every Celeb is Falling For

Cardigans have always been essential for fall, but this season’s modern updates, like cropped styles, statement sleeves, and bold prints, have elevated the once simple layering knit into a trend-forward, edgy autumnal piece. Take a look at how Katie Holmes, Kaia Gerber, Bella Hadid, and Chrissy Teigen have been wearing this season’s must-have cardigan.

Mix Prints & Textures

Use a cardigan as a way to experiment with mixing prints and textures with your outfit to make a bold statement this season.

Classic, Preppy Layering

If the weather is still mild, and a second layer is hit or miss, you’ll love the 80’s preppy trend of tying your cardigan around your shoulders.

Woman wearing essential cardiang over the shoulders.

Forgo Layering & Wear it as a Top

Find a cardigan with a bit of structure and forgo the layer underneath, creating a top out of your chunky knitted cardigan for an edgy twist on the preppy style.

Woman wearing cardigan instead of a shirt as the essential piece.

Play With Proportions

We all love a long, chunky cardigan to cozy up to during the crisp weather. Try layering your essential cardigan with a jacket (under or atop!) for more warmth.

Woman layering a long cardigan under a jacket.

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October 1st, 2019 by Jennifer Beile The Five 80’s Trends You’ll be Seeing this Fall & How to Style Them

Trends cycling back into fashion from the 80’s is not new. This year, we have seen the resurgence of kitten heels, bike shorts, neon colors, and chunky sneakers take over, but this fall more trends that we (rightfully so) bid adieu to more than two decades ago will be cycling back into style. The key to pulling off these bold 80’s trends without looking like you’re dressed in your Halloween costume is subtly. The art of being subtle while trying to style neon colors, bows, lace or taffeta, exaggerated sleeve and shoulder details seems almost impossible. The solution to keeping it simple to focus on one aspect of a trend you’re interested in and build an outfit around it, not completely of it, and keep the rest of the outfit understated.

Acid Wash Denim

One of the many current denim trends is the rise of acid wash jeans. This faded wash is not being resigned to just your bottoms, but jackets, dresses, jumpsuits; all things denim have been popping up in a throwback acid wash.
Woman wearing the 80's acid wash trend as a jacket and jeans.

Prairie Dresses

Ruffles, lace, and puffy sleeve details are all components that make up the sweet, nostalgic prairie dress that is feminine, pretty, and flattering for all body types and can be styled in a variety of ways, from rocker chic to free-spirited boho.
Woman wearing a patterned prairie dress with white ankle booties.

Strong Shoulders

Shoulder pads are back! They may not be as big as they were in the 80’s but the strong detail will give you the confidence that you deserve to carry yourself. Throw a strong-shouldered blazer atop your outfit for a smart casual look.
Blogger wearing brown 80's style blazer with designer purse.

Scarf Prints

Traditional scarf motifs have been expanded from strictly scarves to blouses, skirted, dresses and even accenting accessories and jackets. Pair these bold pieces with otherwise minimalist outfits to make a statement this season.
Woman wearing classic 80's style scarf print dress

Classic Prep

My Instagram feed is full of influencers and style gurus knotting their sweaters over their shoulders, layering a collared button-down under a simple knit sweater, and pairing trousers with loafers, all a nod to the classic prep school chic of the 80’s.
Blogger wearing classic 80's style prep with sweater tied around the neck.

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September 30th, 2019 by Samantha Furno 5 Fall Trends that are Totally 90’s

There is no denying that the 90’s were a decade in fashion that will truly never be forgotten. This past summer, we saw quite a few nostalgic trends popping up (i.e. bucket hats & singlet tanks) and now that fall is in full swing, we can fully expect to see even more trends inspired by this eclectic decade! I, for one, am super excited to add some 90’s inspired pieces and trends to my cooler weather wardrobe! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite 90’s inspired trends that I have been seeing on Instagram lately and I have a feeling that these looks will inspire you to add some throwback flair to your fall fits!

Longline Jacket

From head to toe, this look is totally reminiscent of the 90’s! Longline leather jackets were a must-have layering piece back then and this chic and functional silhouette is definitely making a comeback for fall 2019.woman wearing 90's style long printed jacket.


Soft and comfortable, corduroy is a great textile to incorporate into your wardrobe for some 90’s flair this season!
Woman in 90's style brown corduroy jacket.

A Cute Cardigan

Like long line jackets, cardigans were a go-to layering piece of the 1990’s and these fitted layers are totally on trend for fall when you wear them strategically buttoned as a top!
Influencer wearing white cardigan with patterned skirt.

Animal Print

Channel your 90’s spirit animal by incorporating this fun print into any outfit for fall!
Woman wearing rust colored jacket with patterned top.

Branded Anything

Just like the 90’s, labeled and monogrammed styles are a trend that we are seeing a lot more of for fall!
Woman wearing a 90's style crewneck with branding across the front and denim.

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